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Oh Honey, it's a Mod Thing... February 12, 2017 18:51

Heart of Haute may have a great focus on the iconic 1950's, but we ADORE the 1960's in all of its fashionable forms, too!  This week, we're taking a look back at those sleek and sharp lines to get those beatnik feels on.

Everything in this collection is a great staple piece, especially for those ladies that need to look clean cut and professional at the work place.  Don't sacrifice your fashion identity for a dress code.  Make your dress the code for success <3

Check out the "Mod Thing" collection here

Be Still My Heart 20% off & 15% off all Valentine's Day Collection items February 02, 2017 17:24

The best thing about Heart prints, while they're obviously very appropriate for February 14,  they can really be worn all year round!  But, no matter how you plan to dress on the Day of La-la-love, we still want to make our fabulous Be Still My Heart  print available at a nice price.  I mean, imagine the looks you'll get at work in that little wiggle skirt and an Estelle Blouse...  


We also have some majorly cute things in our Valentine's Day Collection if you need a babely dress for your hot date  or even just a simple red sweater basic to go with that date-night-dress.   For a VERY limited time, you can take an additional 15% off The entire Valentine's Day collection.  (coupons may not be combined, sorry Honey)


Use Coupon: LOVEYA   now through the end of Friday, February 3rd at 11:59 PM  PST. 



Have a Swell Weekend, Honeys!!!


-Mandie Bee




20% off all Star Novelty Prints at Heart of Haute! January 06, 2017 19:22

When you wish upon a star.... Heart of Haute knows who you are, you darling little stargazer <3

Hey Honeys, it's Mandie Bee. Do you ever just want to lay around and think about the universe? I know I do....these dreamy little star prints are some of MY favorites in the line.  The Constellations print is great for any Astrology Geek, and  our Magic Print is rather reminiscent of that good old Dapper Vintage Disney motif.  You can snag your lucky star this weekend.


Use Coupon Code: STAR  to save 20% >> Shop The Collection


<3 Mandie Bee


Heart of Haute: Top 10 Must Haves for Fall September 16, 2016 13:43

Heart of Haute is known for those beautiful, figure flattering dresses with the swooping full skirts, the incredible prints, and unique vintage designs. While this may be true, we are also VERY,  very busy when it comes to making all those solid basics every Haute Honey needs in her wardrobe. We know you mix and match your pieces to get that perfect pinup look. We also know that our Marilyn Top, Etstelle Top, and Sweet Sweater have been at the top of your shopping list!  If you don't own one of these awesome staples yet, today may be the day to try one...or all three!!! 

And if you DO have one of these, just remember that they all come in an array of different colors and prints. Here are some of our top picks and best sellers that every Haute Honey needs in her closet this season!


1. The Aimee Dress in Sunshine Daisy

Aimee Dress in Sunshine Daisy | Heart of Haute 

In a world that may be turning gray, you can still brighten up the day in this beautiful Sunshine Daisy print! Just the right colors to welcome in the Fall. We've done it up in our classic Aimee dress.

2. The Sweet Sweater

 Teer Wayde  Black Sweet Sweater by Heart of Haute


It is an undeniable truth that the Sweet Sweater is one of our greatest inventions! You will never have a better sweater, we promise. This baby is there right when you need it. Compact enough to roll up and hold in your purse until you need it. The Sweet sweater also comes in tons of great solid colors, so you can mix and match with your closet as needed.

3. The Haute Circle Skirt  in Patriot Plaid Flannel

Haute Circle Skirt in Patriot Plaid | Heart of Haute

I bet you didn't think you could wear flannel outside of some comfy PJ's or when your boyfriend let's you borrow his flannel at camp, right? WRONG!!!  A few years ago, Heart of Haute took a great liking to a line of flannels and decided they were fashion worthy.  This means warm, cotton dresses and skirts for you! Not everyone can hang with wool, I get it. Our flannels are high quality and light weight. If you don't know, it may be time to find out.

4. The Diva Jacket

The Diva Suit by Heart of Haute

So far proven to become a favorite among the honeys and fashion bloggers like Miss Amy May and Teer Wayde. This fitted jacket with the adorable peplum is chic, stlyin', and will automatically make you feel like...well...a DIVA.  Don't believe us? Find out for yourself. In fact, we had such a great response from ya'll, we added this style in MORE COLORS!!!!  Don't forget the matching skirt!

5. The Estelle Blouse in Chambray Dot

The Estelle Blouse in Chambray | Heart of Haute

The Estelle Top is the sweetest blouse vintage fashion enthusiasts have seen yet! This has become a swift favorite for its classic very-vintage styling. Honeys LOVE to pair this blouse with our skirts.

6. The Vogue Pencil Skirt

The Vogue Pencil Skirt | Heart of Haute

Classic lines for you classic lookin' gals out there. The Vogue skirt is a high-waisted dream boat of a skirt with a matching belt, stretch twill to hug your lady curves, and a sensational walking slit. Knock 'em dead, Honey.  The Vogue Pencil skirt comes in black, navy, and red.


7. The Manhattan Dress in Caramel

The Manhattan Dress in Caramel | Heart of Haute

The Manhattan Dress was a complete success last Autumn when we first released her to the world! Now, we've added a delightfully dapper new color. Feast your eyes on this Caramel color Manhattan dress.

8. The Doreen Dress in Watch Plaid

The Doreen Dress in Watch Plaid | Mandie Bee

Back to School Babes, be glad! Mandie Bee's spin on this classic print will have every head turnin' while you waltz your way through the commons. It even has 2 front pockets to hold your phone when you're on the go go go!


9.The Elsa Top in Tartan Plaid

The Elsa Blouse in Red Tartan Plaid | Heart of Haute

The Elsa Blouse is the long-sleeved sister of our popular Estelle Blouse. It's the perfect blouse for layering up with sweaters and skirts. To keep things classic, we chose this red Tartain plaid to


10. The Super Spy Dress

Super Spy Dress - Black - Heart of Haute
 - 1

Ah yes, will we ever get tired of this dress? 10,000 happy customers agree that this is the dress of the century! Modeled by our pal, Bernie Dexter, The infamous Super Spy Dress has been a part of our line since 2005 and it is STILL a best selling item every Fall and Winter season. Honeys even admit to re-ordering when their original one begins to show its wear....it's timeless. It's sexy. It's got a cool name! (I sometimes like to believe it was the inspiration for Lana's wardrobe on the Archer TV show.)

Bonus Feature!   Because Our Super Spy Dress is such a hot seller, it only made sense to offer the same classic cut as a top!

The Spy Top | Heart of Haute


A Haute Honey Tee - For Free! July 14, 2016 16:39


Hey honeys!


Want to show the world you're a Haute Honey?  Here's a fabulous screen printed tee that's made of a super soft 100% cotton!

Want one for FREE?  All purchases of $250 USD or more will get one of these cute t-shirts for free!  While supplies last!

Tiki Oasis 2016 - Vintage Monster Movie Style with Heart of Haute June 30, 2016 10:53

Creature From The Black Lagoon Tiki Oasis 2016

An interest in the exotic (and largely imagined) lifestyle of the South Pacific has been a part of American fashion and culture since the 1920s. In the 1940s, many served in the South Pacific during World War II, and returned home with tales of palm trees and rum. Hawaii's 1959 statehood and the advent of quick and more affordable jet travel made it a popular - yet still exotic - travel destination. "Trader Vic" Bergeron opened his first restaurant in California in 1934, serving an approximation of Cantonese food and concocting cocktails like the Mai Tai. Mid-century America was crazy for Polynesian pop culture in the 1950s and 1960s: Tiki bars, backyard luaus, and Exotica music and movies were everywhere.

The tiki trend vanished from the mainstream in the 1970s, but it has recently found new devotees and an increase in popularity. Those who still still celebrate the sips, styles and sounds from this era meet up at various tiki weekend parties all over the country, and Tiki Oasis is the biggest and longest-running event.

Each year, Tiki Oasis has a different theme. For 2016, the theme is Party on Monster Island - “From rubber Godzillas tearing apart the South Seas to surfin, Go Go dancing Frankenstein and Wolfman, creatures have always been lurking in paradise.”

If you attend Tiki Oasis, you will probably want a couple of outfits that work with the Party on Monster Island theme, plus some of your best and brightest aloha wear, whether vintage or new. Here are our ideas for Tiki Oasis 2016:

Plan 9 From Outer Space Vampira Tiki Oasis 2016

If you are looking for some tiki bar basics, don’t miss out on our Paradise, Sweetie, and Rebecca Dresses, all available in our tapa cloth inspired Tiki Serenade Print. Don’t forget to pack a new hair flower, and a sweater to ward off any air-conditioned chill. We have colors and styles ranging from basic black to fashionable coral. Need to save some money for mai tais? Check out our Sale Rack for some exclusive South Pacific Style savings, including:

Marie Dress in Tahiti Pink

Twirl Skirt in Blue Tiki Serenade

Rebecca Dress in Blue Tiki Serenade

Marie Dress in Tahiti Blue

Enjoy your visit to Monster Island, and if you wear Heart of Haute at Tiki Oasis 2016, don’t forget to tag yourself as a #hautehoney!

Tip of the Day! - The Solution to the Slippery Hanger! June 28, 2016 10:40

Hey honey! Do you have a dress that is constantly slippin’ and slidin’ off the hanger? Yeah we all do! Our Beverly Dress is beautifully crafted with a round neckline and tied off with a cute self tie but, due to the wider width of the neckline the dress may not always hang perfectly on a hanger. We have solved that problem for all our honey’s by using just one item. This tip is actually how we hang all our Beverly Dresses at Heart of Haute HQ. We actually use rubber bands! Yes, you heard right, rubber bands. It’s so simple that it’s going to have you saying why didn’t I think of this? Don’t you worry honey we’ve got you covered and we’re going to share with you all a step-by-step picture tutorial on how you can take your Beverly Dress from this
to this:
What you will need: a hanger, two rubber bands, and your favorite Beverly Dress.
STEP 1: Take one rubber band and wrap one end of the hanger with the rubber band as many times as you can.
STEP 2: Repeat step 1 and do the same to other side. Your hanger should look like this.
The grip from the rubber bands will come in contact with the dress and that will make sure your dress doesn’t slide off the hanger. Don’t you worry honey your dress will not be harmed while utilizing this technique.
STEP 3: Now all you have to do is hang it up. Your Beverly will be hanging pretty and waiting for the next adventure.
This post was written by Elizabeth Valenzuela -
Heart of Haute Marketing Intern from Cal Poly Pomona

Made in the USA... what does it mean? May 27, 2016 00:00

“Made in California with Love & No Regrets!”


(Pictured: Monique Dress in Tulips Black)


You may ask yourself, what exactly does that mean? At Heart of Haute it means a great deal to us that we are able to assure our loyal customers that we produce all our beautifully crafted clothing right here in Southern California.  In fact. all our skirts, dresses, and tops are cut and sewn right here in San Dimas at our Headquarters along with the services of three local sewing factories in Los Angeles, that each follow the same ethical practices we follow.

Buying clothing Made in the USA comes with many ethically great practices that you support and contribute to positively. Some factors to take into consideration when buying from Heart of Haute -  Made in the USA clothing:

We are contributing to fair wage standards that are maintained in the United States. Unlike mega chain fast fashion retailers that we won’t name, but you know who they are, we believe it is important to pay all employees a fair wage so that they are able to live a comfortable lifestyle. That includes the employees in the production facilities who are sewing your clothing together with the employee who is delicately wrapping and shipping out your order from headquarters.   

We are also helping our planet earth! You may ask “how?”                                      According to www.takepart.com, Americans produce an estimated 11 million pounds of textiles to be thrown away every year. We encourage everyone to use proper recycling methods and donation facilities but, most of the time that is not the case. When consumers buy clothing from fast fashion retailers the clothing is purchased at a very low price. The quality of the material being used will not withstand many washes and will therefore tear and have to be thrown away faster. Most of the time the non-biodegradable clothing end up in landfills which means that the clothing will sit in landfills for at least 200 years until the textiles start to decompose. When purchasing clothing at Heart of Haute you are getting great quality fabric that will be sure to last you a long time.


Heart of Haute also works closely with local colleges who are educating the next generation of fashion professionals.  These ethical and socially conscious students can see first hand the importance of their contribution while learning how to carry forward these best practices. 


At Heart of Haute we take pride in producing our clothing in the USA. It is important to us, and we hope after reading this blog post it will be important to you as well, and make you more aware of your purchases the next time you go out shopping. 



http://www.takepart.com/video/2015/05/29/clothes-trash-landfill : http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-fast-fashion-met-20151125-story.html


-Elizabeth Valenzuela

Heart of Haute Fashion Marketing Intern from Cal Poly Pomona

Congratulations, Pinky Swear!!! Crowned 1st in Pinups Against Bullying May 20, 2016 07:31

Long time Haute Honey, friend, passionate pinup, and excellent mother, We took a moment to interview Miss Pinky Swear and congratulate her on her recent crowning!

Tell us...what is the pinup against bullying contest about? The contest was about inner beauty over outer beauty. It was women telling their stories 
of bullying and overcoming that hardships it can bring.
How did you hear about it? A friend of mine that owns a jewelry shop (Classic Betty's Rubbish) was one of the sponsors. She posted a flier and tagged me in it, so I thought,
"lets enter and see what happens ..."
Who set it up? The Dainty Dames are the ones that put the car show together and the Pinups Against Bullying hosted the pinup contest.
How awesome is your crown? Oh my god it's amazing! Super sparkly! It really makes me feel like a princess!
How long have you been a pinup model? I have been modeling for over 10 years and competing in pinup contests for about 5 years.
What does your daughter think about her mama being a pinup? She loves it. She thinks it's so great. She cant wait to be grown up so she can do pinup things as well.
She especially loves seeing me on stage, win or lose she knows her mommy is a winner!
Anything else you want to include about the contest? I am so grateful for this contest. I haven't heard of a contest like this one. For me i have always been self conscious about the way I look.
I was picked on so much as a kid, and even as an adult, so to be in a contest like this- one that helps uplift women rather than pick who is the prettiest or most pppular- they picked the one with the biggest heart, and beautiful mind. 
Anything else you want to share?.... well, I hope that this is my year of winning. I tried to give up on doing pinup pageants because I knew I would never be the tall sexy type of girl most judges and magazine people want on the cover of their magazines. But I couldn't. I feel I need to make a change in the type of people they choose to be winners. Not all women can be thin and sexy. Some of us are curvy and sexy as well. 
What are some of your favorite Heart of Haute pieces? Oh gosh, too many to choose from. I would have to say for sure the Monte Carlo dress since it is the dress I won my first pageant in.
I would also say the  Maybelline dress cause it's just such an easy everyday dress and it has POCKETS !!!

What kind of Honey are you today? May 09, 2016 14:05

How are you feeling today?
Sweet?  Sultry?  Maybe a little Sassy? 

One thing we know for sure, you are a Haute Honey if you are reading this!  We all know that depending on your mood, you may be feeling all kinds of honey goodness.  What kind of Honey are you today?  What about tomorrow?  Occasions change, moods change and so do you!  Discover your inner Haute Honey with a dose of Heart of Haute and you will be surprised at what a statement you can make! 

Sweet Honey is a lovely little lady who's excellent dinner parties always leave her guests drooling for more.  She's that dear friend who's got the best advice, once she's done being an awesome listener!  When Sweet Honey reaches for her go-to outfit of the day, it's a carefree floral frock that she can wear with comfort and class that knocks the socks off any onlooker. 

Sweet Honey is everyone's dear friend.  Always in search of the perfect bridesmaid dress, and she has found it in the Heart of Haute for Bettie Page Bridal's new Yvette dress, in care free washable poly 'Baby Pink Shantung'.  Of course her betrothed friend approves!  Sweet Honey saves the day - it's gorgeous, comfortable and affordable - the wedding party applauds her excellent taste (and for watching out for them!)  She is so Sweet!


Sassy Honey is a gal on the go, a style savvy sweetie who's always sporting her favorite novelty print.  Whether it's a regular day at school, or a night out at a gig with friends, this sassy babe's style is always on point.

Sassy Honey is having quite the dilemna.  How to go from a busy day at the office to the dance club tonight with no time to change?  The Roxie dress, of course.  With a little cardi to cover her shoulders, her look goes from day to night seamlessly.  The Roxie in fabulous 'Constellations' print, with it's full swing skirt,  is just the answer for dancing under the stars til the sun comes up.


Sultry Honey is a boss babe with impeccable taste.  Emulating tones of classic Hollywood glamour in her everyday life is this honey's forte.  Sultry Honey's classy style is sure to provide killer curves with just the right amount of sex appeal.

When Sultry Honey takes over, she can make dressing in work attire an exercise in seduction.  Her perfect workday staple piece; the Estelle Blouse in 'Vintage Polka Dot Pink'.  This semi-sheer feminine blouse leaves a lot to the imagination, with a fit that flatters all over.

Sultry Honey knows how to dress to impress.  The classic Diva Suit is a go-to for this style savvy seductress.  Pairing the Diva Skirt with any Heart of Haute top is the perfect start to a work week, but can also be easily transitioned into a sleek nighttime look.


So Haute Honeys, tell me, what kind of Honey are YOU today?

Tips for the Best Dapper Day! April 27, 2016 14:22

If you haven't heard about it... Dapper Day is an event held at different Disney theme parks twice a year, where everyone is encouraged to wear their best outfit!  Whether that may be inspired by a specific era like the 1950s, or just your own personal style!  Some park-goers have even used Dapper Day to create unique disneybounding outfits.  Celebrities like Drake Bell & Dita Von Teese are known to appear as well!
If you're planning on going to Dapper Day for the first time this year, here's our list of just a few things to get yourself ready for the big day.
Wear flats! Sorry, gals.  If you wish for blisters then by all means - wear those adorable heels!  But my advice is to go for a comfortable, cute alternative.  Or bring along a pair of flats to switch in and out of for comfort.
Set your makeup & hair. A simple makeup mist spray can save you from having to touch up your blush every hour!  You can find affordable makeup setting sprays, like this one from e.l.f. cosmetics.   You'll want to keep your bag light, so bring just your beauty essentials.   Also, it's important to keep in mind that fast rides like Space Mountain & the Matterhorn may mess up your fabulous hairdo!  Make sure you're ready for touch ups if you plan on riding the Disneyland classics.
 Set aside time for the Expo! There is lots of tempting shopping inside Disneyland & Downtown Disney, but since you're going to be there for Dapper Day, why not check out the Dapper Day Expo!  Many big and small pinup reproduction clothing companies will be vending there, as well as lots and LOTS of vintage!!  The perfect chance to try on some of your favorite brands, and find your new favorite pieces. We will be vending at the expo, too!  It's free for anyone to attend, located in the Disneyland Hotel.  Saturday April 30, noon-7pm, and Sunday May 1, 10am-7pm!
Check the weather before & dress accordingly!  Although Disneyland was built where it is because of Orange County's notoriously beautiful weather... mother nature sometimes has something else in mind. If the weather says it will be 90 degrees, you may want to think about skipping the seamed stockings and fur stole.  At Disneyland, you will be walking around a lot and shade is minimal, so remember to bring/wear sunscreen! Check out the Dapper Day gallery for inspiration!
Need some Disneybounding Ideas?
Mickey Mouse Disneybound Dapper Day by Heart of Haute
Disneybound as Mickey Mouse in the classic Vogue Skirt in Red!
Cheshire Cat Disneybound Dapper Day by Heart of Haute
Disneybound as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland in the Estelle Blouse in 'Chambray Swiss Dot Blue'! 
Sorcerer Mickey Disneybound by Heart of Haute
Disneybound as Sorcerer Mickey in the Roxie Dress in 'Navy Constellations'
Don't forget to take lots and lots of photos, and have FUN!  Dapper Day is a great chance to see the most fashionable vintage styles, make new friends, and have a wonderful day at the happiest place on earth!
So what about you, ladies?  Got any advice for Dapper Day attendees?

Blog Share! Miss Amy May in the Sweetie Dress February 29, 2016 11:33

I'm sure you've all heard of the fabulous Miss Amy May (aka @miss_amy_may on instagram).  If you have not, she's a gorgeous curvy blogger from the UK who's classic style inspires us everyday!  
Every now and then, Amy reviews a Heart of Haute garment and provides excellent advice on sizing and has great tips!  
She's just reviewed the Sweetie Dress in 'Meadow Daisy' and the photographs are gorgeous.  Check out her blog by clicking the photo below - 
Miss Amy May Heart of Haute Review
The Sweetie Dress in 'Meadow Daisy' is available in sizes S - 2X here.

Pinup Style at Mardi Gras 2016 with Outfit Ideas from Heart of Haute January 22, 2016 09:03

If you are searching for ideas for your 2016 Mardi Gras outfit, you can't go wrong with gold, green, and purple. These three official Mardi Gras colors are everywhere - and we have amazing options for you that feature them. 

During Mardi Gras, or carnival, lots of people are dressed in their best - and wildest! There are costume contests everywhere in the city, so don't be afraid to wear something that gets a lot of attention. That said, the French Quarter can get crowded and messy at this time, so make sure you are comfortable - and read these Mardi Gras tips

Here are our picks for amazing, vintage-inspired 2016 Mardi Gras looks:

  • Sparkle in Gold: Try our Marie dress in a shimmering gold and turquoise patterned fabric, or the luminous Copper Allure fabric in our sexy Sweetie dress, the pin-up worthy Serena dress, or our Circle Skirt. Looking for something with a black base? Try our Sweetie Dress in Copper Stars, or the Monique Dress in Gold Rings.
  • Shimmer in Separates: Try the Best Frocks Forever Circle Skirt (created in partnership with Pinup Girl Clothing's Pinup Couture) in Metro Metallic Gold. This full circle skirt is a touch shorter than our other Heart of Haute circle skirts - great for petites, or just a sassy look! It may get cool while you are partying outdoors, so pack our Sweet Sweater in the new Gold Sparkle.
  • Demure Daytime Looks: Our purple and green Phoebe Paisley or Garden Royale print Amanda dress is perfect for daytime sight-seeing. Show your sweet Southern style in our Beverly Dress in Hydrangeas, or our Monique Dress in Ava Rose Blue
  • Almost Sold Out: Nothing says New Orleans like the iconic Fleur Di Lis, and we have just a few Monique dresses left in our striking Gold Fleur Di Lis fabric. These are almost sold out, so grab one now for Mardi Gras 2016! Our gathered Gypsy Skirt in an ornate metallic Medallion print is also almost gone.
  • Peacocks on Royal Street: Will you be strolling down Royal street our Peacock Royale print? Stand out in the French Quarter in a dress or skirt in the best-selling print. Instant costume when combined with a peacock feather Mardi Gras mask! 
  • Crescent City Shopping: Don't forget to leave a little room in your suitcase for all of the great shopping, both in the French Quarter and on Magazine Street. Check out Dollz and Dames, A Girl Is A Gun, and pick up some extras for your carnival costume at Trashy Diva

Even if you are just heading to a local Fat Tuesday party, Heart of Haute has you covered with loads of choices for festive carnival style - with a retro touch. If you wear Heart of Haute for Mardi Gras, don't forget to tag yourself as a #hautehoney - we love seeing your looks! 

gold copper sparkle sexy pinup mardi gras halter dress with full skirt

Store Spotlight: Rowena & RetroGlam.com of Edmonton, Canada December 21, 2015 09:37

Shop Spotlight:  Rowena  and their web store, RetroGlam.com!
Voted Best Women's clothing store in 2013, First runner up 2014 and Best Women's Clothing store plus fashion accessory store in 2015,  we are proud to present our friends at Rowena in Edmonton! 
 Rowena has stocked a great selection of Heart of Haute for over 8 years consistently and with great enthusiasm- and we love them for it!  I've been told some ladies will drive 3 and 4 hours just to shop at this amazing store, so keep that in mind if you happen to be driving through. There must be something to be said for a girl to travel for so long!!! 
And now....on with my interview with Owner, Miss Wendy

Heart of Haute's Holiday Boutique Saturday, December 19th, 2015 December 10, 2015 12:44

Now through December 19th, local honeys can take an additional TOP SECRET % off all IN STOCK merchandise. Come visit us in excellent San Dimas. 
This deal is only good for items we have in stock and on the floor at the time of your visit, but you have to come in and visit us to save! We love meeting our customers :)  
We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm 
Appointments are preferred and very helpful to us so we may prepare for your arrival. 
We typically break for lunch between 12:30-1:30. Please plan accordingly so that we may help you during your shopping experience!
Please phone to let us know you're coming- same day arrivals are fine: 909 599 0715  
or e-mail: orders@heartofhaute.com 

Please join us on Saturday December 19th  for our annual Open House Holiday Boutique 

10 am - 4 pm

Heart of Haute HQ 
949 N Cataract, Suite M
San Dimas CA 91773

Junebugs and Georgia Peaches + Best Frocks Forever Review! December 04, 2015 11:02

Our Favorite BFF fashion blogging team  had the keen idea to review pieces from our recent collaborative design collection with Pinup Couture, which we happen to call Best Frocks Forever! 


Check out their Blog for more images and their full review!



Atomic Star Brooch - The Crave Yard  |  Mandalaye Flats - Amazon 
AmeliaBFF Roxie Dress in Mid Century Bubble c/o Heart of Haute  | Classic Brooch - Luxulite
Black Tights - Target  |  Mint Jellies c/o Sun Jellies

Harlequin Print History: Italian Style Made American November 29, 2015 08:26

What are the first looks that come to mind when you think of mid-century American fashion? Red lips, cat-eye glasses, and boldly printed fabrics in bright colors will probably be at the top of your list. After polka dots, one of the fabrics most closely associated with 1950s and 1960s style is harlequin print.

Harlequin print gets its name from Arlecchino, a comedic character in the Commedia dell’ arte, or Italian comedic theater. These entertaining plays became popular in Italy in the late 16th century. Always seen in a mask and brightly colored costume, Arlecchino’s role was similar to that of a Jester, a poor servant who provided comic relief. The multi-colored costume was originally meant to be made of the scraps of random unwanted fabric.

How does this late renaissance character relate to mid-century fashion? We see a lot of harlequin print in vintage reproduction fashion today due to its popularity in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Employed in both colorful and monochromatic versions, the bold diamond print fit right into the mid-century trends of streamlined modern design, bright colors, and general post-war optimism.

Harlequin print pants in 1950s sears catalog

Harlequin print was seen in both high fashion and mass-produced clothing. One of the most famous fashion photographs of the 1950s was taken by Irving Penn, showing Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn wearing a black and white harlequin print dress designed by Jerry Parnis. This iconographic photo was first published in American Vogue in April of 1950. On the more affordable end of the style spectrum, a  page of the 1950s Sears catalog offered pants in a bright harlequin print as well.

This retro print has enduring popularity. The bold, crisp look is both playful and classic. Want to get some for yourself, but keep striking out when searching for vintage pieces? Here at Heart of Haute, we are happy to have a heap of harlequin options for you. Our best-selling Estelle blouse, polished Monique dress, comfortable Getaway skirt, and adjustable Maybelline sundress are all available in a bold, colorful harlequin print. Featuring bright blues and reds on a white background, this authentic 1950s print comes to life on our vintage-inspired clothing, in sizes XS through 2X.

1950s harlequin print blouse by heart of haute


Shop Spotlight on: Cats Like Us in Tonawanda, New York November 12, 2015 12:42

Hey Honeys! Mandie Bee, here. This is the first of soon-to-be many posts about our featured retailers!

I like to call it, the Shop Spotlight. 

Online shopping may not be for everyone, so why not stop in to a local spot and try something on?  Brick and Mortar shops are a unique way to socialize and build relationships with people in your community. If you're interested a unique selection of clothes and WAY better personalized service than you would ever find in a big box store, shop small and shop local! You'd be amazed at what you'll find and who you may meet....

Heart of Haute supplies shops all around the world  with our American made garments and  in an effort to keep our scene alive and friendly-made fashion in mind, we provide you with some fun features on our retailers! 

Owners, Julie Ann and Andrew, are two of the coolest cats and we have been so lucky to work with them!

 To share with our community and alert those that may be passing through Tonawanda, NY, be sure to visit Cats Like Us and let them know we sent ya!



*Where are you located?*
67 Main Street, Tonawanda, NY 14150 (Tonawanda is a suburb of Buffalo, about 20 minutes North.)

*Hours of Operation:*
Wed, Fri, & Sat 11-6 and Thurs 11-8 (We are open 12-5 Sundays in December)

*When did you open Cats Like Us?*
October 1, 2009


*What inspired you to open a retro-themed clothing shop?*

Andrew and I are born and raised in Western New York. I have a business background and he has a web/design background, and we share a great love for everything mid-century modern. We love the, fashion, design, and music from the 1940's through the 60's. But since we are actually children of the 80's, we experienced the 50's as a wave of revivals in movies, TV, and music. From Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Grease in the '70s, to The Stray Cats in the 80's, to Big Bad VooDoo Daddy and swing dance in the '90s--we have always had a great love of retro. After we finally made it to Viva Las Vegas in 2009 (and having a blast) on the ride home we started talking about opening our own store. Between Julie Ann's business education and retail experience, and my design and web experience, we covered almost all the bases we needed to get started.

The boutique was born of the desire to “do a store right”. Really it's a simple formula: attractive store, great merchandise and even better service – it's a winning combination. The clothing is a hand-picked collection of retro and vintage-inspired brands. We like classic styles with a bit of an edge. Retro for the everyday girl, and Heart of Haute is exactly that!


*What do you love most about operating your store?*

The people I meet whether through the store-front or as vendors. Many of our customers have turned into best friends. Everyone works well together and supports each other.

*What do you love most about Tonawanda?*
We are an up and coming neighborhood that you can take a day trip to. Our location has a nice "Main Street  USA" feel with lots of shops and restaurant. Andrew actually wrote a blog about it a few years ago (http://catslikeus.com/blogs/blog/54186308-main-street-still-exists-small-town-shoppin).

*Does your shop do anything special to participate in the local community?*
Yes, every month we have in in-store event that features a local artisan with a retro theme. It could be an artist selling universal monster prints, repro chalkware, or kitchen towels, a pinup hair and makeup demo, or dress seminar -- and that's only the beginning.

We are also strong supporters of the SPCA Serving Western New York. Every spring we collect food and items from their Wish List and, in exchange, we give our customers store discounts.

This year we are the Shop Small ambassadors for Tonawanda, to help promote the area on Small Business Saturday, November 28. It's fun to rally nearby places and show outsiders what a great hidden gem Tonawanda is!

Last but not least, we are organizing the 2nd annual Christmas in the City Swing Dance, a free dance with lesson included. Last year's dance was such a success, we were delighted to be asked to have another one this year.

So you can imagine there's always something going on!

*​At what events might we find Cats Like Us vending?​*
In the past we have vended at local burlesque shows, rockabilly concerts, and festivals. Since we run a tight ship, staffing can be hard. We limit ourselves to places nearby and only take select items.

*Is there anything your brick and mortar shop offers that the online shop does not?* 
Our online inventory is the same as the brick and mortar.

We we offer friendly, personalized service – which is very retro! We pride ourselves in making sure you look great in our clothes--so we tell you when an items looks good, AND when it doesn't. After all, every customer is our brand ambassador, so we want you to look your best!

We bring varied and wonderful artisans and feature related businesses in our store monthly.


*Anything else you'd like to share?*
We have an updated website that everyone should check out, and always have something special for our newsletter subscribers.You can sign up here: http://catslikeus.com/newsletter/

       Website: http://www.catslikeus.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catslikeusretro
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/cats_like_us
    Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/catslikeus/boards/
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/catslikeus



5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from Heart of Haute October 27, 2015 11:56

At Heart of Haute, we always look forward to Halloween, and the creative costume ideas that our Haute Honeys assemble using our clothing. Those of us who love vintage style often incorporate it into our costumes (or maybe you dress up as a "normal girl" a la Dita Von Teese). We know that many of you live for Halloween, and have been working on your costume for weeks. However, if you are still searching for inspiration with Halloween less than a week away, here are a few ideas that you can pull off with what is already in your closet and makeup bag: 

  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice: Do a gender swap with yourself in stripes, or style a red dress as Lydia. A formal dress, some body paint, and a beehive will make you into Miss Argentina.
  • Vintage Flight Attendant: Try a fitted blue suit, a hat, gloves, and a vintage-inspired suitcase as a purse. 
  • Devil With a Blue Dress On: All you need is a blue dress, horns, a tail, and a name tag that says "Miss Molly." Bonus point if you can sing (or lip sync for your life) to the classic song
  • Shop In-Person: It is too late to order from Heart of Haute for Halloween 2015, but check out our many retailers for the chance to get what you need in-person. If you are in Arizona, be sure to visit our Halloween-obsessed retailer Kitten Retro Glamour. 
  • French Kiss: Black and white stripes, a beret, makeup, and 3 friends are all you need. Going solo? Take this costume to the next level as French Maid Kiss. 
  • Dia De Los Muertos: The Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated in Mexico, and increasingly in the United States. Friends and family gather to remember and pray for those who have passed away. Items associated with this holiday are the flowers that are used to decorated cememteries and altars, and the calavera, or skull. The imagery from Dia De Los Muertos has been combined with Mexican or Spanish dresses to create a popular costume. 

For more pinup Halloween costume ideas, check out our past blog posts and follow us on pinterest.  If you do wear Heart of Haute on Halloween, don't forget to tag yourself as a #hautehoney! 

Follow Heart of Haute's board Pinup Halloween Ideas on Pinterest.

Contest time! Halloween Mod Girl Giveaway! October 26, 2015 14:58


a Rafflecopter giveaway



:) Congratulations to our winner - Megan Leigh!! :)

Pinup Couture + Heart of Haute = Best Frocks Forever! October 21, 2015 15:12

The vintage styling of Heart of Haute meets the timeless fun of Pinup Couture with this cute collaboration collection, Best Frocks Forever! Co-designed by Pinup Girl Clothing’s Laura Byrnes and Heart of Haute’s Mandie Bee and Teresa Becker, this limited edition collection is proudly made in the USA of imported goods and features some of Heart of Haute’s most popular silhouettes in petite-friendly hem lengths designed for the modern gal who appreciate retro flair and unique prints.
This is the first group in a series to be released for a limited time! Shop the Collection Here. The next release will be in December- so keep an eye out! 
Let's review the line, shall we?
For starters, we have this NEW B.F.F. Sweater Girl top in Coral  ($44, sizes: XS-4X) that matches perfectly with the print used for the story. The Sweater Girl top is something imagined up by Laura Byrnes and brought into existence by Teresa Becker. This fitted top is made of a light french terry, making it appropriate for the sweater weather season. The hem is cropped at the natural waistline, making it the perfect piece to pair with the MB Circle Skirt ($76, sizes XS-2X)  This skirt features a 2-inch waist band, zip closure, and is made of 100% cotton. 
Next Up! We took our oh-so-popular Monique Dress and attached a shorter length MB Circle Skirt to it! 
It's flattering and fun. Te Monique Dress has taken on a few variations on a theme. During our meeting with Laura Byrnes of Pinup Girl Clothing, we put together one of our best selling dress silhouettes and added the flirty shorter length circle skirt. The full circle skirt makes it comfortable enough for everyday wear and still keeps that classic twirl-able silhouette. The Monique Dress is lovely in its simplicity with a bateau neckline, side zip, 100% cotton construction, and classic a-line skirt, all of which look beyond joyful in this grey, aqua, coral, pale orange, and pale olive Midcentury bubbles print. ($114, size XS-4X)
Lastly, The Adorable Roxie Dress in MidCentury Bubble ($108, sizes XS-4X)
Dig it!!! Check out the Best Frocks Forever Collection, currently only being sold exclusively with us, Heart of Haute  and our with our friends, PinupGirlClothing.com

The Cat's Meow! October 20, 2015 15:33

Calling all Haute Honeys!!!  We've been waiting weeks and weeks for the first parts of our production to come back on the AMAZING and adorable El Gato Gomez collection of dresses.

NOW is your chance to jump on the opportunity to make one of our adorable dresses your own. The Coral El Gato dresses are in stock and ready to ship today* (based on popular, some sizes may be sold out). So don't hesitate. Has The Serena dress been on your mind?? Or maybe the cute and comfy Sarah Dress?

Don't forget that the Cropped Cardigan in Coral El Gato  is perfectly tonal to the coral color of our material to make a complete set!




Blog Share - Miss Betty Doll October 16, 2015 10:27

Miss Betty Doll has posted some gorgeous blogs reviewing some of our most classic styles!  Including an incredibly adorable Mother & Daughter dress post featuring the Irene Dress and Baby Sailor dress in 'Chambray Anchor Black'.  Now she's sharing her review of the Sweetie Dress as a maternity option! 

Gingham Style - Maternity Friendly Heart of Haute

Ages before I had even announced my pregnancy, I began putting out feelers for what retro repro companies deemed appropriate for maternity wear for at least part of pregnancy.

Heart of Haute was one of the first I reached out to. I asked the ladies which of their styles they thought would work for a bump, phrasing it as "what would you say is the most free around the waist area". I was met with the reply that, amoungst others, the Sweetie Dress would be a dream for an expanding belly due to the free waist and tie at the back.

To be brutally honest, this was originally the only thing I struggled with on Heart of Haute dresses. I was afraid anything free waisted, even tied in the back, wouldn't work for me. Not only was I terribly wrong (I loved the little ties in the back whether maternity friendly or not! Makes for a tighter, more custom waisted fit) but I am so thankful for them now that I have no idea how big I will be from one day to the next.

I have a case of the disappearing bump. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and after living off of plain pasta and bread for the first trimester, I am now craving nothing but fresh tomatoes and big salads. Thus, I have no tummy bloating to speak of and have in fact lost a bit of the weight I gained in the first couple of months of pregnancy.

The Sweetie Dress is perfect for that. Some days I don't even look pregnant (I was full of delicious noms the day I did this shoot hehe!) and being able to tie the dress nice and tight and accentuate my waist is a lovely plus.

I grabbed one in black gingham to match an outfit Selene already had (shocked?). I got a size medium, up a size from my usual small. I didn't need to and regret the decision now, as I have some fabric bunching in the back that I know I wouldn't have had with my normal size. I can safely say that even a size small would easily get me through all of pregnancy in this dress.

It's already a favourite of mine! The light and breezy fabric, the a-line skirt, the generous bust and waist, the sweetheart neckline. This is one of those kinds of dresses I would dream about wearing as a little girl.

So, the verdict - I recommend the sweetie dress regardless of pregnancy, but if you are pregnant - get this dress!! It's a steel at $90 USD, and it will last you well beyond pregnancy. The neck tie even means it's breastfeeding friendly as well - just untie, feed, and tie again!

As a personal update, I am feeling fabulous. Finally. I had a fair bit of anxiety and a whole lot of exhaustion and nausea in my first trimester, as I mentioned last time. Now, I am doing pilates with one of my girlfriends almost every day via webcam (because, mom life), my house is clean all the time (as clean as it gets with a toddler sprinkling magical messes behind me) and I can cook dinner without needed to be sick. Yay!

I have some water bloating just like last time, but my aforementioned salad cravings are helping with that anyway. I am actually less bloated than I was with Selene. I am now 64 kilos and have been for awhile now. I started at 58.

Baby is wiggling all the time and I am so thankful to be able to feel it so early. Sometimes if I'm having a bad day, I feel a little wiggle in my tummy and give myself a mental kick. There's lots to be grateful for.

I have a baby sprinkle, Selene's second birthday, a baby nursery and christmas to get through in the next few months, so I am enjoying a few weeks of calm before the (very happy!) storm. I love parties and all things homey, so all of these events are a big deal to me. I have been practicing with fondant decor so that I can do Selene's birthday cake myself this year, So excited for what the next few months will bring!

Do you own a Sweetie Dress? What's your favourite Heart of Haute design? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Blog Share - Miss Rouge NZ October 13, 2015 12:07

Brand new blogger buddy Shayna of MizzRougeNZ blog has reviewed her favorite Estelle blouses!  Read what she had to say below!


"As I have started a new role in the work force in April his year I have been on the search for clothing that reflects who I am, but In a work appropriate manner. When I came across the Estelle Blouse by Heart of Haute it looked just like what I was looking for!

As a lady who likes to wear blouses to work the best way I can describe this blouse is ‘Perfection’! I was so thrilled when my first one arrived! I decided for my first purchase I would order white and black as they are colours that went with everything I had.

6031 hb-estelle-wt_01

When I was ordering I was wondered if I should ‘size up’ because of my larger bust, but I decided to go with my normal extra small and I am glad I did! I found that it was the perfect size and the cut of the blouse was very flattering and not dumpy as sometimes these blouses can be. I didn’t find that around my arms was to tight or cut off as I am aware can be an issue for some, but I would size up if this is general experience for you. Even though I have a larger bust I didn’t find the buttons doing that weird spacing thing when they do up but you can see the gaps just fit perfectly. The Estelle blouse fit snuggly but not skin-tight…. that was until I put it accidentally in the dryer… still fits lovely but a little more snug needless to say I wont be doing that again!

IMG_6404  IMG_2167Processed with Moldiv

The bow of the top is the perfect size and makes a work outfit look more elegant, I love to add brooches, that’s kind of my thing and I think the Estelle blouse is perfect for that!

IMG_3971 IMG_6385 IMG_6608

These blouses have become a staple in my work fashion. I wear them weekly, they always look effortlessly good and are such a versatile piece to have for any pin up wardrobe for work or play!

I have a wish list of the Estelle blouses now and waiting! I can’t wait to purchase a few more!"


Want more Shayna?  Follow her on

Three Unique Wedding Dress Trends for 2016 September 21, 2015 16:27

What you wear on your wedding day is one of your most important (and photographed) expressions of personal style. Thankfully, weddings have become more flexible and creative than the past days of white satin and puffed Princess Diana sleeves. As a bride, you have the ability to choose a look and overall wedding theme that celebrates your personality, interests, and style. 

Heart of Haute dresses many brides and bridal parties who are creating a vintage or retro inspired wedding. This is a popular wedding motif that allows you to celebrate your future, and the past that brought you there. Even with a vintage-inspired theme, elements of contemporary fashion can be included to create a look that is as unique as your relationship. Here are our three favorite ideas picked out of the knot's article on The Top Wedding Dress Trends From Spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week.

Bateau Neckline: Bateau or boat necklines run straight across the chest from shoulder to shoulder. The origin of this style comes from sailor’s tops and sweaters - the high but wide neckline made the top easier to remove in case of falling overboard! This stylish shape is also known as a Sabrina neckline due to the black cocktail dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie Sabrina.

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina black cocktail dress bateau neckline


If you are looking for a casual wedding dress with a bateau neckline, try our Monique or Mitzi. Both have an A-line skirt and a waist tie for the perfect fit. A more formal shape with the same neckline can be found in our Mercedes dress, with a fully lined and princess seamed bodice, a matching belt, and a full circle skirt. 

White eyelet bateau neckline retro wedding dress


Floral Prints: White wedding dresses did not become popular until the mid 1800s, and those early white dresses often had floral details. In 2015, plain white or ivory are not your only wedding dress options. Floral print wedding dress are frequently seen, particularly for spring weddings. Floral options are also a striking choice for retro bridesmaid dresses - think beyond solids while working within your wedding color theme. Heart of Haute has florals from bold to soft. Try the Marseilles dress in Blush, or the Milan Dress in Rose Garden. Mint has continued to be a popular wedding color, and our Bouquet fabric has gorgeous hydrangea flowers on a mint background. 

mint floral bridal or bridesmaid vintage inspired wedding dress

Bridal Suits: The two piece wedding suit is perfect for a casual modern wedding, but it is far from a new idea. Beginning in the era of the Great Depression, brides often married in their best outfit, not a special dress that would only be worn once. Many 1940s wartime brides were married in this casual (and less expensive) look. Bigger, more impractical white dresses returned with the economic boom after World War II, but style icons from Marilyn Monroe to Carrie Bradshaw continued to rock the bridal suit.

Carrie Bradshaw white wedding suit   

If you are ready to try this unconventional yet classic look, our Diva Suit comes in wedding-ready Ivory, and the even more daring shades of Red and Navy. Whether you want an authentic 1940s vintage wedding look, or a memorable modern silhouette, a wedding suit will get you noticed.

Vintage inspired wedding suit Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe



At Heart of Haute, we love helping to make your wedding day dreams come true. We have loads of experience making magic happen for bridal parties of all sizes. We offer free shipping to bridal parties, and can custom cut dresses in special sizes, including for children. We will custom cut and make your dream dresses to order right here in California, but don't delay as many of our unique fabrics and styles sell out quickly!  

Blog Share - Southern California Belle - Kitty Faces September 15, 2015 11:52

You may have figured this out by now... but we're big fans of Ashley (Aka Southern California Belle)!  She's reviewed some of her favorite Heart of Haute items quite a few times!  But this review of the Mandie Bee Ella Top in 'Blue Kitty Faces' is just perfect!  Plus she's got us wishing we were quite as glamorous in these last hot California summer days.  (Bring me rain, please!!) 
Read her review below:
Heart of Haute Ella Top in Blue Kitty Faces Laura Byrnes Black Sateen Shorts

"Everyone is talking about how excited they are about fall, but here in California we are dealing with record breaking heat.  I guess the bright side of living in such a warm climate is being able to make the most of your summer wardrobe.  That means my shorts get to hang around a little longer and I get to pair them with the cutest tops!  I'm sure you already know, but the Ella top from Heart of Haute is such a wonderful separate to have in your closet.  I have more than a few, but this kitty face print is my favorite.  And when the weather gets a little cooler it looks great layered with a cardigan.  It's a top that can survive all the seasons!

Heart of Haute Ella Top in Blue Kitty Faces Laura Byrnes Black Sateen Shorts

Heart of Haute Ella Top in Blue Kitty Faces Laura Byrnes Black Sateen Shorts

Heart of Haute Ella Top in Blue Kitty Faces Laura Byrnes Black Sateen Shorts

Heart of Haute Ella Top in Blue Kitty Faces Laura Byrnes Black Sateen Shorts

Top- c/o Heart of Haute
Shorts- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- Pinup Girl Clothing
Brooch- The Albino Hare
Lipstick- Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Orchid"
Want more Ashley?  
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Shop with Heart of Haute at the DAPPER DAY EXPO!!!! September 14, 2015 10:51

This Weekend, we're wheelin' out the racks for your shopping delight! Be sure to stop by!

What is Dapper Day???  Read all about it and the wonderful events that occur during this magical weekend....


• "DAPPER DAY at the Parks: Fall 2015" Fri Sept 18 Dress your best while visiting both parks of the Disneyland Resort with 20,000+ other fashionable guests!

As a Dapper Day tradition we enjoy an afternoon group ride on the classic Mark Twain Riverboat (a "Mark Twain Mixer" if you will), and after sundown gather for a "Dapper Derby," taking a spin on the Carousel. (To avoid park congestion we're no longer posting specific times for in-park meet-ups, and we do not organize group photos in the parks.) NOTE: Riverboat will close around 4:45, parts of Fantasyland and the carousel will close before and during the Fireworks). Disneyland is scheduled to close at midnight, Disney California Adventure at 10p*

*See Disney.com for updated park hours and attraction closures.

 FOLLY: Our Official After Party, Fri Sept 18 Dance the night away with multiple rooms of live music! Featured entertainment by Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five feat. Hilary Alexander, Marc Gasway & Alex Burke, and DJ Sean Patrick. 9:30p-2a upstairs at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney, Anaheim CA.

FOLLY is 21+, BUY TICKETS $15 advance online or $20 at the door.

• DAPPER DAY EXPO Sept 18-19, Fri noon-8p, Sat 11a-8p FREE,  Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall Shop our Expo marketplace featuring everything for stylish, sophisticated living from vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories, to bath and beauty products, and beyond. Authentic tintype photos will also be created on-site via our new vendor TinTypeBooth.com  Join us for live music each afternoon! New DAPPER DAY merchandise will be available exclusively at the Expo!

- One Hour of Pre-Opening Expo Shopping of over 50 vendors.
- Complimentary continental Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, & Juice.
- Free Limited Edition “DAPPER DAY Early Bird” Pin Designed by Jerrod Maruyama


Join DAPPER DAY favorite, pop culture humorist and author Charles Phoenix as he sweeps us away on a fun-filled adventure using actual "found" guest slides from the early days of Disneyland when every visit was a day worth dressing for!

•  Announcing our first DAPPER DAY CAR SHOW! Sat Sept 19 Disneyland Hotel Located just steps from our DAPPER DAY Expo, our free DAPPER DAY Car Show celebrates classic style and refined design from the past to the present. With our theme "Arrive in Style!," this showcase of exotics and classics, from Model T’s to Lamborghinis, will delight guests of all ages. DAPPER DAY Car Show will be open for public viewing during event hours 11a-5p Sat Sept 19, no ticket required. Hot Dogs, ice cream treats, and other refreshments will be available from Disney. See our CAR SHOW page for vehicle registration.

Disneyland Resort Parking info link.

Follow us on TwitterInstagramTumblr, or Facebook, or join our email list to get all our invites.


PARK TICKETS  Disney has offered us special convention-rate print-at-home Disneyland Resort park tickets for this event you can only PURCHASE ONLINE HERE, in advance. Tickets are valid for admission from September 13, 2015 through September 24, 2015.  The last day to purchase tickets online is September 16, 2015 by 9:00 PM PST. As this is not a private event, regular passes and admission may be used as usual.

If you're joining us for our Fall 2015 events, you may book nights at the Disneyland Resort Hotels with these very special rates.*

Disney's Grand Californian® Hotel & Spa $249/night*

Disneyland® Hotel $209/night*

Disney's Paradise Pier® Hotel $199/night*

Book online here or call Disney Group Reservations at 714-520-5005 M-F 8-5 and request the "Dapper Day Group Rate" or email: DLR.CONVENTION.GROUPS @ DISNEY.COM 

*After our reserved block of rooms sells out, discounted rooms may still be available but at a slightly less-discounted rate depending on the hotel/night.

See our FAQ for other questions.


Car Show 101 - What To See and What To Wear From Heart of Haute September 05, 2015 08:59

Summer and fall are prime time for car shows, and if your photos are any indication, our Haute Honeys love visiting them! Whether you drive in your own lovingly restored ride, or just like to window shop and dream, a car show is an amazing way to bring history to life for an afternoon. If you are not working on your own vintage vehicle, knowing what you are seeing at a car show is a little confusing, and even intimidating.

Want to know a little bit more about what you are witnessing (and posing with) at the car show? Here is the Heart of Haute lesson on car show 101.

  • What kind of show is it? Car show themes have become quite niche. Theme examples can be based on a manufacturer like Mopar (Chrysler-built cars - including Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth) or a specific make like Corvette. Other shows are open to all makes, but limited by a date range such as 1970 and earlier. Car clubs put on shows as well, and any or all of these shows can features certain types of cars: traditional, hot rods, customs, lowriders, or rat rods.
  • Custom cars have had their original design modified or re-styled. Examples include removing or chopping the roof, frenched headlights or taillights, and removing elements from the nose or back of the car. Many custom modifications were popular enough to  influence auto manufacturer’s new designs. In the past, customizations often focused on the speed and performance of the car. Removing the roof or hood meant less weight and a faster car! Today, most customizing is based on the style and value of the car. Customs are not only hot rods - any vintage car with modifications is a custom: a lowrider Impala, a drag-racing GTO.
  • Traditional cars are as period accurate as possible. These cars are restored to be almost identical to their original incarnation. That immaculate station wagon with a mexican blanket and 1950s picnic set in the backseat is a traditional restoration. Hot rods can also be restored in a traditional fashion, with any customizations being period-accurate.
  • What about those rusty, mismatched hot rods with no hood? Known as rat rods, they are created as a response to the cost and strict rules within restoring traditional and higher-end custom cars. Often associated with rockabilly culture, they are finished in an intentionally crude way, unconcerned with historical accuracy.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything that interests or confuses you. Do be aware that car owners often have allegiance to one of the above styles, and may dislike the others! It’s a detailed and tribal world. 

Pinup car show outfit ideas

Vintage Inspired Looks For Any Era

Now that you know what you will be seeing, it’s time to think about what to wear. Start getting ready with sunscreen, sunglasses, and maybe even a parasol. Wear or at least bring some flats - car shows can be on grass, dirt or hot concrete. For your outfit, a look that corresponds with the period of the car show or your favorite era is a great idea:

  • 1940s - Our Manhattan Dress goes perfectly with victory rolls and spectator shoes.
  • 1950s - Be a car hop daydream in our Diner Dress - bring your own milkshake, but unfortunately we can't help you with all of those boys in the yard.
  • 1960s - The mod Caroline Dress is perfect for a ride in a 1960s roadster. Don’t forget your driving gloves and head scarf.
  • 1970s - Summon your inner Daisy Duke with our gingham Ellie Tie Top.

Happy car show hopping to all of our Haute Honeys, and don’t forget to use the tag #hautehoney on Instagram, or send in your car show photos to alisa@heartofhaute.com - we love seeing them! 

car show pinup dress

Blog Share - Southern California Belle - Sailor August 12, 2015 13:25

She's reviewed our Monique Dress in 'Aqua Doilie',  Mercedes Dress in 'Bouquet', and some Holiday Favorites!  Now she's doubled the cuteness by showing off her little one in our Ava Adorable Baby Sailor Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing exclusive).  Read all about it here-



Heart of Haute Sailor dress

'I'm one of those people who feels like they need a vacation from their vacation.  We came back from Temecula yesterday afternoon and I'm just not ready to start the week yet.  It was a wonderful three days filled with swimming, wine tasting, a Chris Isaak concert, and lots of family time.  It was a much needed departure from our everyday life.  I hope I don't have to wait three more years to take another weekend off!

Heart of Haute Sailor dress

Heart of Haute Sailor dress

Heart of Haute Sailor dress

Heart of Haute Sailor dress

Heart of Haute Sailor dress

Dress- c/o Heart of Haute
Shoes- Bettie Page
Brooch- Tangerine Menagerie
Bianca's dress- Heart of Haute via Pinup Girl Clothing
Bianca's shoes- Payless
Bianca's brooch- Charlotte Rose Shop
Lipstick- Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Bloodline

How cute are these Heart of Haute dresses?!  While the prints are different, the cut of the dress is the same.  I like the idea of our outfits complimenting each other but not matching (but I love dressing identically too), so when I saw these Sailor dresses I knew they had to be ours.  The dress has flattering princess seams, a tie back, and a nice full skirt that doesn't require a petticoat.  It's also 100% cotton so it's light and breathes really well.  Bianca really loves her dress too!  The minute I took it out of the box she had to put it on.  Over her clothing of course, because apparently she couldn't wait to get undressed.  I think I've created a monster!


Want More Southern California Belle?
Follow her on:

Fall Catalog is here! August 11, 2015 14:10

The latest fashion catalog of offerings is complete!!! All styles for Fall/Winter/Holiday/Early Spring....we may sell out, so you'll need to keep an eye out for a shop near you. Tell them you want Heart of Haute!!!!

Blog Share - Welcome To Flipsville! August 03, 2015 14:44

Blog Share!  
The beautiful Amanda of retro blog Welcome to Flipsville reviews the Caroline Dress in 'Mod Bloom Blue' 
Here's what she had to say about it:
"A few weeks ago, the lovely Heart of Haute team approached me to use a photo from my Instagram on their beautiful Website as well as send me a few garments to review here on my blog - I was over the moon! The parcel quickly arrived and there were 2 beautiful dresses and a cardigan. I've divided up my review posts, and this is the first of the Mod Caroline Dress in Mod Bloom Blue.
I absolutely love Heart of Haute's garments. Their prints and styles are always sublime, and as a seamstress I can vouch for the quality, it is by far one of the best I have come across in ages. Heart of Haute garments are also designed and made in the USA! It's always important to me to support ethical companies.
As a petite and short woman, I have always found it a constant struggle to find a mod A-line dress that fits me. Before I tried this dress on I was worried I'd have the same problem. 
Nevertheless, the dress fit like a glove! The shoulders are especially perfect, and the neckline is the most flattering I've worn in this style. 
Also pockets!? This dress has pockets! Like most women think, a dress that has pockets always seals the deal... 
What I love about this dress is that it is made with 100% Cotton of a medium-heavier weight which gives it the perfect A-line structure and is still very breathable for the summer!
The Mod Bloom print on this dress is stunningly bold so I decided to pair it with
 my vintage cream heels and a contrasting handmade green scarf. Also I couldn't resist adding a hair bump and white eyeliner with my cat-eye to really play out the 60s vibes!"
Want more Amanda?  Follow her on:

Introducing... El Gato Gomez for Heart of Haute! July 23, 2015 13:00

As a fan and collector of El Gato Gomez's  iconic mid-century inspired art work, I couldn't help but reach out and ask her to collaborate with me for Heart of Haute. What first was imagined as a line of t-shirts, soon became an entire collection of full circle skirted dresses with a Black Cat & Asterisk motif, paired perfectly with tonal cropped cardigans.

This is the first time we've collaborated with an artist and we're excited to release this first fun collection featuring all new dress designs. All dresses and skirts are full circle to accommodate the engineered print to suit the swoop of the skirt. Our new cropped cardigan is now available to order in 3 color ways, and will be coming soon in 2 more as the seasons change.

The NEW Dresses are officially availble for PRE-ORDER.  Shipments will begin on the dresses on September 15th. Cardigans are in stock and ready to ship today (if you just can't wait). We have a limited number available on each color. Be the first to rock this new collection and get your orders in early!


The Simone Dress in Jade        and        The Cropped Cardi in Jade with El Gato Screen Print

The Sarah Dress in Coral    and    The Cropped Cardi in Coral with El Gato Screen Print

The Serena Dress in Coral            and             The Stacy Dress in Jade

 The Haute Circle Skirt in Red                                The Cropped Cardi in White with El Gato Screen Print



El Gato Gomez has gallery representation at the WonderGround Gallery  at the Disneyland theme park in California, Creature Features in Burbank, California, The Harold Gollen Gallery in Miami, Florida, and the One-Shot Gallery in New York City.  Her art work has also been featured at the amazing modernist cultural events, Tiki Oasis  and Modernism Week in Palm Springs.

Disney enthusiasts will be glad to find her Disneyana inspired art pieces like these...


I've personally been collecting El Gato's  black cat paintings. Part of the reason I fell in love with this artist is because she took elements of everything I loved and put them together. I mean....who doesn't dig a hip little kitty chillin' in an atomic-age living room?

and here's just a handful of some of El Gato's other works....


These few paintings are such a small sampling of her entire body of work. She's always coming out with new paintings and sells original pieces directly to her fans on eBay.  You will rarely ever see prints of her paintings. If you're totally digging El Gato Gomez, head on her over to website to follow her social accounts and eBay sales.



With Love & No Regrets,

-Mandie Bee




Blog Share - Southern California Belle July 22, 2015 16:47

Haute Honey and friend of Heart of Haute Ashley of Southern California Belle reviews one of our new Monique Dresses on her blog!  

Here's what she had to say about the Monique Dress in 'Doilie Aqua' -

"I don't know if you've been on the Heart of Haute website lately, but there have been lots of fun changes!  The site itself had a facelift and it's now really easy to navigate.  I love how I can find all the prints of a certain style with the click of a button!  They've also released a bunch of new styles and cute novelty prints just in time for summer.  Have you seen the teal and navy Magic pieces?  I pretty much need them all!

This dress is the classic and very versatile Monique cut.  It's a fitted bodice with a bateau neckline and an a-line skirt.  While I am wearing an underskirt, this dress looks wonderful without one.  The cotton is very light and comfortable to wear.  The best part?  All of the Heart of Haute lines are made here in the USA!  They also take custom orders, so I'm planning on getting a few mommy and me dresses made in the near future.  If you're planning on purchasing from their site, use the coupon code "Haute10" for 10% off!"


Want more Ashley?  Follow her on:


Blog Share - Pinup Persuasion July 16, 2015 14:23

Our fabulous friend, miss Jessica Martin of PinupPersuasion has reviewed the Mercedes Dress in 'Cinderella Blue' and doesn't she look fabulous?
Check our her blog for the full review!  If you're thinking about ordering the Mercedes dress, she has some great tips regarding fit & size.
Want more Jessica?  Follow her on:

CONTEST TIME! Win a Mixin' Vixen Gypsy Skirt! July 13, 2015 15:08

OHHH and it's back!  

The fabulously popular 'Mixin' Vixen' Gypsy Skirt is now available again!  PLUS We're giving one away!  Join us on our Facebook page today and give us a comment on the contest photo.

Mixin Vixen Gypsy Skirt

All you have to do is comment on the original contest photo on our facebook and let us know which is your favorite thing to bake - cookies or cake!  


A winner will be chosen at random on Weds, July 13th.  The winner will be reimbursed if they had bought the skirt during the time of the contest.

Haute Honeys Exclusives....the new section at Heart of Haute you DO WANT to know about July 13, 2015 11:38

Majorly cute for the summer! The Vee Dress in ‘Summer Stripe’  is an exclusive dress for our Haute Honeys only in a new section we call,  Haute Honey Exclusives.   These are limited edition prints made just for you and can ONLY be found on our website. You will not find Haute Honey Exclusives anywhere else. Also, quantities on these garments are typically limited, maybe 1-2 per size at most. And what more? We offer these exclusives at a nice price for you.  Cheers, Honeys. We love you <3  MB


Model is one of our actual customers who was visiting California from Moscow, Russia, Miss Olga!  Photo: TaraOPhotos.com

11th Annual Tiki Night: South Seas Adventure! July 10, 2015 15:19

Step 1:  Order your Paradise Dress



Step 2: Check out this great event on July 25th in Hollywood!



Tiki Marketplace & Performances From King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis And The Polynesian Paradise Dancers!
11th Annual Tiki Night: SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE
The exoticism of the South Seas blows through Hollywood with the Cinematheque's annual Tiki Night! Sponsored by Primo Beer.

Special Event Ticket Prices (for Movie & Entertainment): $13 General, $11 Student/Senior, $9 Member. Food and drink sold separately, except for Primo Beer which is included in the ticket price for those 21 and over. Please bring I.D. if you want to drink alcoholic beverages.

12:00PM - 7:30PM A Tiki Marketplace will open at noon in the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard, selling new and vintage tiki related art, memorabilia, clothing, accessories and more. Vendors include Wonderama, Eric October, Hawaiian Lei Bath & Body, Viva Dulce Marina and Tiki Swag, and Clever Vintage Clothing.

5:00PM - 7:00PM Enjoy performances from King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis and the Polynesian Paradise Dancers in the Courtyard. Co-authors Luis I. Reyes and Ed Rampell will sign copies of Hawaii Movie and Television Book: Celebrating 100 Years of Film Production Throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Plus a Tiki fashion show!

Bar: A no-host bar will offer two specialty tiki cocktails, plus beer and wine. Cash or credit accepted. There will also be complimentary beer from our sponsor, Primo - Hawai’i’s Original Beer!

Snacks: To treat yourself to a tiki luau box to snack on as you enjoy the courtyard entertainment, the additional $15 meal box ticket (of your choice) must be purchased in advance on Fandango.com by July 20th.

Tiki Veggie Box
Grilled Herb Marinated Vegetable Skewers, Ginger and Sesame Dipping Sauce, Indonesian Rice Noodle Salad, Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt, Roasted Wasabi Green Peas and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Tiki Summer Roll Box
Assorted Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Chicken and Scallion, Asian Vegetable & Beef and Enoki Mushroom), Carrot Miso Dipping Sauce, Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt, Roasted Wasabi Green Peas and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Tiki Chicken Box
Chicken Yakitori Skewers, Ginger and Sesame Dipping Sauce, Indonesian Rice Noodle Salad, Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt, Roasted Wasabi Green Peas and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Tiki Beef Box
Beef Yakitori Skewers, Ginger and Sesame Dipping Sauce, Indonesian Rice Noodle Salad, Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt, Roasted Wasabi Green Peas and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

No substitutions.

7:30PM Join us in the auditorium for an exciting pre-show with King Kukulele, showing rarities and surprises, followed by the feature film:

1958, Flicker Alley, 120 min, USA, Dir: Carl Dudley, Richard Goldstone, Francis D. Lyon, Walter Thompson, Basil Wrangell

The final travelogue produced by Cinerama to showcase its widescreen process sets sail to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia through five fictional vignettes. Beautifully restored from the original camera negative, the color footage of these island paradises is spectacular, and Orson Welles’ narration adds a wry wink to these tales of adventure and romance. You don’t want to miss the fashion, dance and music in this time capsule of midcentury dream vacations!

And the winner is... July 01, 2015 12:05

We launched our new webstore 2 weeks ago and offered a $250 to new registered customers.  This morning, I randomly selected my winner!!!
Congratulations to miss Elaine Sanabria!
And great big thanks to everyone that chose to register! We appreciate and value all of our Haute Honeys.
Keep in touch with us! Every month we choose one Haute Honey to win a $50 Gift Card. Follow us on Instagram
With Love & No Regrets,
Mandie Bee

Mid-Century Modern Style on Vacation - Weekend Travel Ideas from Heart of Haute June 27, 2015 10:59

Heart of Haute is the only vintage reproduction clothing company with a dedicated mod style collection. What is mod? In general, modern design values function, and is free of excess decoration or ornamentation. In fashion, Mod style has its origins with the beatniks in England in the 1950s. Their love of modernism in jazz music gave the style its name. The beats' black turtlenecks were combined with elements of slick, sophisticated Italian suits, and bold prints and symbols adapted from and influenced by pop art.

Mod fashion in the 1960s was at its peak, with everyone from Twiggy to the Beatles rocking mod looks. The mod aesthetics influenced more than just clothes; architecture, vehicles, and even household items were bright, bold and sleek. Mid-Century Modern is a term used to describe the innovations in modern design in the mid twentieth century; the 1950s and 1960s. Areas that had a lot of population growth during this time (like Florida and Southern California) have many great examples of Mid-Century Modern architecture.

Looking to experience some mid-century mod style on your vacation? There are numerous weekend events (or weekenders) that celebrate the design innovations in this subculture, from the 1960s to today.

  • Mod Weekend occurs in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mid-Century Modern architecture tours, a Mid-Century Modern antique fair, a boat tour (and sneak away a night at the fabulous Mai Kai).
  • Also in Florida, Sarasota Mod Weekend is focused on architecture.
  • Mod Palm Springs has room parties, live music, and you just might share a drink with artist Shag.
  • Modern Phoenix offers an annual home tour focused on a different neighborhood of this Arizona city.
  • Heading to the UK? The spiritual home of the mod subculture has loads of events.

Many of us today still enjoy the clean looks of mod style -  and a ride on a stylish scooter. No matter where you are headed, Heart of Haute can help you pack your bag with mod dresses and other great retro fashion! Save room in your suitcase next to your go go boots for our 1960s inspired dresses, skirts, tops, and more.

geometric mod 1960s style print dress

Follow Heart of Haute's board Mod Girls on Pinterest.

Patriotic Pinup Fashion - Made in America by Heart of Haute June 27, 2015 08:18

Pin up or pinup images got their name from the way that they were "pinned up" on the walls of barracks, bunkers, office walls, ships, and even planes during war time. These alluring photos and illustrations were created to help raise the "morale" of the many young men serving long, dangerous tours away from friends, family, and love. 1940s era pinups were a part of a long history of soldiers customizing their gear and living quarters - a tradition that continues today. 

From Rita Hayworth in her nightgown to Betty Grable in her bathing suit, patriotic pin up girls were everywhere, even in Yank - the unfortunately (or appropriately) named weekly magazine published by the US Army.  Winston Churchill jokingly dubbed Jane, a blonde cartoon pin up drawn in the Daily Mirror Newspaper 'Britain's secret weapon.' War time pin ups even moved out of photos and postcards to be painted on jackets, the side of tanks and bombers, and tattooed on many bodies. Pin ups were depicted in dresses, lingerie, bathing suits, sometimes even less. 

1940s USO girls wearing pinup bomber jackets


Pin ups in modified military uniforms were created to show sexy support for the war effort. The sailor or Navy pinup has always been popular, appearing even in early Sailor Jerry tattoo designs. This iconographic look is patriotic, retro, and above all sexy. Nautical style is always fresh and classic, and Heart of Haute can help you use the best of this venerable vintage American look to create a memorable modern pin up figure. We have curated an amazing Patriotic pinup style collection - red, white and blue looks good on you! Perfect for 4th of July parties, parades, and the many summer festivals that we all enjoy.

Our Sailor dress is a classic - based on the pattern of a vintage dress, it has nautical pin up style without looking too much like a costume. Available in a patriotic palette of red, white and blue! In cool, crisp 100% high quality cotton, this dress is versatile and flattering with side ties for a perfect fit. Our sweet anchor print in pale blue can be found on our Matey Dress and Ella Top. Add a matching headband for a Rosie the Riveter inspired vintage look. You can even get the Baby Beverly Dress in Blue Anchors for the perfect mother daughter photo look! 

 As we celebrate the unique country that we live in, why not do it in a unique outfit that was made in America by Heart of Haute? A special thank you and an extra kiss from Heart of Haute to all of those who have served in the U.S. Military - past, present, and future! 

Heart of Haute has MOVED....again...but this time for the better and for good! June 15, 2015 11:22

Hello My Haute Honeys,

So...here's the thing. We made the good  decision to move Heart of Haute to a new shopping platform
and that we think it will work MUCH better for us and for you, honeys! You may notice things look a little bit the same....and a little different around here.


All you have to do is register an account at the new HeartofHaute.com and you'll be automatically entered to WIN a $250 gift certificate!  
Winner will be contacted via e-mail on July 1st, 2015 and we'll make a fuss about you, too ;)



So What does this mean if I have an open order with HoH?
The truth is you wont be able to check status on your order
without our assistance. Your old account at HeartofHaute.com will no longer be available to you to check on.
If you have an open order or questions, just send an e-mail to orders@heartofhaute.com and either Alisa or Mandie will help you out with status/tracking information.


So here's a little bit of information if you care to read on:

So here's the news....We've been having a number of issues with our old shopping platform and finally decided to make the switch to something much more user friendly- for us AND for our customers. We've been making some changes around here about the way we conduct business as well.

To make things awesome for all of us, we are keeping inventory of the items we actually have in stock.

Heart of Haute has always been a "just-in-time" manufacturing type. Yes. We make everything here. If the item you want isn't in stock, WE MAKE IT FOR YOU! What other company does that?  Irma, Irene, and Juana are our in-house seamstresses. Liza is one of our production and sample cutters. These are the MAIN people that put your dream dress into reality and we value you them greatly here at HoH.  Our manufacturing type is NOT typical in this industry.  We do not mass produce items overseas and pack them in a warehouse. Our inventory changes on a daily basis as we are supplying boutiques around the world as well as individual customers that order directly from our website. 

All NEW items (especially new prints/designs)  will still be subject to the 7-10 business day ordering process, as we will be making items to order to keep everyone happy. But instead of offering our entire line this way, as we have since day 1, we will be keeping our basics and best sellers in stock. All fashion/seasonal items will be phasing out as they sell out.    If we have new items in stock- we'll mention it in our promotions.  And if you have a question about the ETA on a certain item, you can always call or e-mail to ask about it. We're happy to help.

So What else can you tell me?

If you've made it this far into reading, you'll be happy to find that I've set up a coupon for you
to use for 15% off, valid today  June 15-June 17, 2015.  Thank you for being a loyal customer and avid reader! I appreciate it, truly.
Use coupon Code:  ForTheLoveofHaute
With Love & No Regrets,
Mandie Bee



New Items from Heart of Haute - Dresses and Separates for Summer Work and Play June 15, 2015 10:46

Is your closet prepared to handle all of the adventures that summer 2015 will bring? Heart of Haute has the new dresses, shoes, skirts, and tops that you need to look as amazing as you feel.

Are you looking at a  summer filled with life-changing events? Graduating, getting married, or just starting a new job? A new life certainly calls for new clothes. A versatile outfit that mixes power and femininity can be found in our Diva Suit. With a peplum waist, the Diva Jacket has shades of the 1940s. The fitted Diva skirt has princess seams, a high waist, and a flare at the knee. In black, these basic pieces are anything but boring – at the office or going out. Our vintage-inspired Diva Jacket and Skirt will give you lots of outfit options to mix and match. Need some new shoes for the office? Check out our picks from Bettie Page shoes.

In Ivory, the Diva suit is a bold choice for a unique retro bride – just add gloves, a hat with a veil, and a big corsage. Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe both got married wearing suits!  The Milan Dress in the new subtly shimmering patterned Regency Ivory fabric is also a striking vintage bridal look. Want a 1950s inspired wedding dress with sleeves? Try the Monte Carlo Dress – also in Regency Ivory.

1940s vintage inspired ivory wedding suit for women


Thankfully, we all have a life outside of the office – and weddings! Are you ready for a fun summer season of parties and long weekend getaways? Whether you have road trips, concerts, or car shows to attend, we have an attention-getting vintage inspired look for you.

Heart of Haute’s new Madison Dress has a full skirt, cap sleeves, and buttons up the front. Princess seams and a waist tie ensure a perfect fit for every body! In 100% high quality cotton gingham, Madison will keep you cool and crisp all summer long. Our Monte Carlo Dress has always been a best seller – in more formal fabrics. This summer, are offering this amazing full skirted shirt dress style in the same quality cotton gingham.

Our Doilie print, in both black and aqua, is flying out the door! Grab some in a new sundress style – the Lauren Dress has criss-cross straps, and A-line skirt, and a size zipper for a great fit.  Try the Bettie Page Elsa flats in black or pink for a comfortable day of stylish summer sight-seeing.


Gingham and flowers are a little too sweet for you? Heart of Haute has a new selection of bold, geometric Mod prints to get you swinging in 1960s style. Our new Caroline shift dress has cap sleeves, hidden side pocket and princess seams. Our sleeveless Carina shift dress has awesome details – adjustable buckled shoulder straps, and a matching belt. Try our above the knee A line Coco Skirt to keep cool while making a strong impression.

Go-Go Groovy! New 60's Inspired Collection June 12, 2015 11:42

Summertime is almost here.... that means days are getting longer, and skirts are getting shorter! Take a break from your everyday pinup or 50's inspired ensembles and test the groovy waters of 60's Mod Girl fashion! We've got three new groovalicious prints in a flattering cream background color available on our shift dresses and mini skirts!

Black and white 1960s mod shift dress

Geometric print black and white 1960s mod shift dress with belt

Introducing the Carina Dress! Swing into sweet 60's style with this stunning shift dress. This fab frock features adjustable straps with buckles, and comes with a matching belt to tie it all together! Create a stand out in the crowd outfit with this Mod style dress crafted from the grooviest of prints. Looks like you have a reason to break out the go-go boots!  with our our 60's inspired Mod Girl Collection.

1960s retro mod mini skirt aqua blue pattern

Another simple 60's staple piece is the mini skirt. A fabulous choice when paired with tops like the Trixie!  A flattering aline style skirt with a big matching belt. Go bare in the summer, or rock it with boots and tights in the winter. 

1960s retro mod dress aqua blue floral print

Check out our Caroline Dress - cap sleeves, princess seams for a great fit, and side pockets for your scooter key. So honeys, what do you think? Check out our picks for the 5 Best Movies with Sharp Mod Style for even more inspiration. Will you give the 1960s a swing? Let us know!  And be sure to post your photos to Instagram and use hashtag #HauteHoney for a chance to win our $50 monthly gift card!

Want more Mod Girl fashion?  Follow our Pinterest Board!

- Alisa for HoH <3

Tiki Photoshoot with Tara O plus a chance to win a FREE DRESS from Heart of Haute!!! May 07, 2015 11:57

Phoenix based Pinup Photographer and long-time-darling friend, Tara O, is making her way to Sunny California yet again to capture the beauties we have in our sprawling land.  Care to take a stab at Pinup modeling? Need a fun NEW never-shot-in-before Tiki themed location? Book this shoot!  I'll be there, too ;) All bookings will also be entered in a drawing to win a Heart of Haute dress of their choice, up to a $120 value. Whoa! Yeah, I know. I wont enter the drawing, though.  

To set up an appointment, please contact Tara directly  at :  Tara@taraophotos.com   And if you're in need of some Tiki Tiki dresses, let's take a gander at some of the styles HoH has to offer!

Hope to see you there! Aloha!  

With Love and No Regrets,

Mandie Bee

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Model Spotlight - Sarah Palmer May 07, 2015 11:40


You may have noticed a beautiful new face adorning the HoH website and instagram feed lately....  Well she's a blonde bombshell who spends her days portraying every pinup's idol Miss Marilyn Monroe at the very fun Universal Studios Hollywood!  Check out our interview with this lovely lady.

 1. Tell us 5 fun facts about yourself! - I play a dead hollywood icon at Universal Studios, Hollywood! - I'm obsessed with Chipotle - all my friends know to give me a Chipotle gift card for my b-day. - My favorite movie is 'A League of Their Own' and I can quote the whole thing! - I have a weakness for men in nice suits. (like Jimmy Fallon , and Roger Sterling from 'Mad Men') - I have a good sense of humor and love meeting people with one too, most of my friends should be on SNL!

 2. How does vintage inspired fashion make you feel? -Vintage inspried fashion makes me feel unique and classy - you don't find many women dressing like this today, and when I do decide to dress vintage when I go out I will always receive a compliment from a stranger, and not a man but usually a fellow woman! Once I got hired as Marilyn at Universal Studios I had to become familiar with all her movies and any documentation there was on her, and when I was researching I fell in love with the classic old hollywood world of glamour.   Not only did I love Marilyn but I started looking up other famous movie stars from the era and became fascinated with their style and history.  My top girls are Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Anita Ekberg, Hedy Lamar and Rita Hayworth.  These women shaped me, I wanted to look like them, act like them, and I quickly found other people shared the same interests with modern takes on the era.. then I found clothing stores, models & burlesque performers and I just can't get enough!  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love companies like Heart of Haute who are keeping the classic glamourous style and fashion alive!  

3. Have you always been confident in your curves? -Curves, what curves? Haha! In highschool I was flat everywhere and skinny - flat enough to play checkers on. But after going through the awkward stage I found role models with the same body type as me like Gwen Stefani, who I thought were gorgeous!  I took lil bits and pieces of what they dressed like and made it my own.  Plus now I can thank Chipotle for the little butt it gave me - still getting used to that! :p   

4. What are your top 5 favorite Heart of Haute pieces? - Only 5??!

  • I'll start with the Hilda Dress - the little puff sleeves always make my arms look good and my waist look smaller!
  • the Marseilles Dress in Baby Blue Sateen - It makes me feel like Cinderella!  Good for disney-bounding!
  • The Gigi Tee is a very sexy top and I feel a bit like Wanda Woodward from 'CryBaby'- who I adore!
  • Super Spy Dress in Black - it's mysterious, tight-fitting and classic. I feel like scatting while wearing it!
  • My favorite piece is the Diva Suit in Ivory - I have never felt more like Lana Turner in my life. It's great for business yet so well fitted, and comfy!
1940s women's suit in ivory

5. What are your goals for your modeling career?  - I want to continue my modeling career for as long as I can!  I enjoy it too much and the clothes - oh you can never go wrong!  Vintage fashion will always be in style  I like meeting people in this field who've got similar interests and getting to see their individual take on it.
Want more Sarah? Follow her on Instagram | Pinterest

Be a Boss Lady: Vintage Inspired Style for Work April 30, 2015 14:37

As the final season of Mad Men winds down, we are left with a lot of questions. Will Don Draper assume his true identity? Will Peggy break through the glass ceiling? Will Roger ever run out of one-liners? Most importantly, WHERE will we get our vintage office style inspiration? This show has been a huge part of the mid century style revival, and it deserves all of the fashion notoriety it has gained. Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant has been nominated for six Emmys (and won once) for her amazing work with Joan’s pencil skirts and Peggy’s schoolgirl plaids. If you are looking to step up your work wardrobe from secretary to boss lady, Heart of Haute has the pieces you need. We can help you to present a professional image, while still staying true to the retro style that you love.


Beyond the Basic Button Down Shirt

When you think about dressing up for work, one of the first things that comes to mind is typically a button up shirt. Our Estelle blouse is popular for several reasons, including fit and unique style. For all of the women who had given up on button-up shirts due to gapping at the bust or a tent-like fit - the Estelle blouse is the answer. A bold neck bow for interest, and a shaped cut for a perfect fit - it’s anything but button-down boring. If you have tattoos to cover, or just a freezing cold office, try our Elsa blouse. With long sleeves, pleated details, and a bow v-neck, it is a versatile basic loaded with style. Try it tucked into a high waisted skirt or pants. Our Stella dress features the same fit as the Estelle blouse - in a full outfit! With cap sleeves and a back tie, this 100% cotton dress is office-worthy retro fashion.


Work Wardrobe Staples With Vintage Style

What is your go-to work outfit? The one that makes you feel fabulous - even on a long and difficult day. If you don’t have one, stocking a few work-wear basics is a great place to start. The Super Spy dress is a work wardrobe staple - dress it up with a scarf, belt and heels, or down with leggings and boots. The super-comfortable knit keeps its shape - a great choice for business travel or a long day at at trade show. Our Bella dress is a refined knit choice that is easy to accessorize for a big meeting or casual Friday. Looking for some basics to match with your wilder pieces? The Spy Top features the same fit and neckline of the Super Spy dress in both solids and patterns. Our new Haute Circle Skirt in Black GoGetter another great basic - a full skirt in a wrinkle-free fabric that will match with nearly anything. Want something more fitted? We have pencil skirts in a number of versatile colors and two styles. As Mad Men ends, let’s all tip a cocktail to some of the most detailed (and gorgeous) vintage costuming that television has ever seen. Be inspired to rock some 1960s style at your job - don’t forget to tie a scarf on your purse, and no crying in the break room!  

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Do You Know The Roots of Rockabilly Style? April 13, 2015 14:19

Today, the word rockabilly is thrown around as an adjective to describe everything from wedding decor to hair accessories. Most of us know that the term is based in vintage rock and roll, but how did it come to describe everything from Carl Perkins to cars to cherry print bikinis? The term rockabilly was invented to describe a type of early 1950s American music. A combination of rock and roll, country (or “hillbilly”), western swing, and boogie woogie, this music of the American south was made famous by artists like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Haley. Haley’s “Rocket 88” was one of the first true rockabilly songs recorded, and Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes” was one of the most popular.



Young Americans - and The Rockabilly Invasion of Britain

As with most subcultures, the British took it to an extreme. 1950s British rockabilly fans evolved from the war-toughened Teddy Boys (and girls) in Edwardian-influenced creepers and suits, to the Mod-hating leather-clad Rockers. You may have heard of a few of these British rockabillies - John, Paul, George, and Ringo named their band the Beatles after Buddy Holly’s Crickets. Unlike the motorcycle-loving Rockers, American counter culture Greasers (or “hoods”) paid more attention to cars (and James Dean). Greasers also wore leather jackets, but in tribute to or imitation of the pilot heroes of World War 2. It follows that the Greaser’s girlfriends would also adopt World War 2 styles - in the form of the pin ups that the soldiers loved. The trend faded by the 1960s. In the 1970s, media like Happy Days, American Graffiti, Grease, and Sha Na Na led to a rockabilly revival.  Though much more popular in England, the American rockabilly resurgence produced important bands like the Stray Cats and the Cramps. Rockabilly mixed and mingled with the leopard print, vintage monster movie love, and wild hairstyles of the 1980s punk scene.



The Many Parts of Rockabilly Fashion

As far as fashion goes, rockabilly style is a mix of all of the above; the Teddy Boy’s suits and creepers, the motorcycle gear of the Rockers, and dark jeans and western shirts for authenticity. For women, rockabilly style favors the fashion of the 1950s. Full skirts and big petticoats made from several yards of fabric were popular after wartime rationing had ended. Bold novelty prints like polka dots, gingham, hearts, plaids, and cherries were everywhere. World War 2 (1940s) through 1960s looks can also be found in rockabilly style. Think victory rolls and wedge heels for the former, and beehives and pencil skirts for the latter. Rockabilly may be outside of the mainstream, but it still exists around the world today - and Heart of Haute can help you dress the part! From concerts in small towns, to huge weekend events like Viva Las Vegas, someone somewhere  is still rocking around the clock.  


Rockabilly Style in 2015

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