Let's Face It...

Cotton masks for social distancing are becoming mandated across the nation for health safety issues due to Covid-19.

We are going our part by providing personal, re-usable and washable cotton face masks to those that need them. 

Strawberry Fields Forever

Sustainable Fashion, Made Local in Los Angeles

Heart of Haute is Woman owned and operated.  We've been providing jobs for fashion students, local people in our community, and manufacturing local in California since 2005! 

We also do our part to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet by using digital printed textiles and offering custom options to reduce over all waste and energy.

Feel good about the articles of clothing in your closet. Dress yourself in the finest and most special things, for it's not only that YOU are worth it, but so is the world around you. 

Join us as we do our part in making the world a better place while still looking fabulous. 

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How to Protect Your Community with Heart of Haute Face Masks

Learn how cloth face masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19, plus how to choose and wear the best American-made contour or accordion face mask for your fit and needs.

We Stand with You. ALL of you!

During this time....and forever.... we want to show our support in standing with the peaceful protesters and in solidarity with our African American neighbors. A hashtag isn't enough.  

The Future of Fashion is Sustainable Digital Printing and Natural Fibers! Heart of Haute Switching to Digital Prints....

Ok friends. This is important. 

There is no argument that fast fashion has become a serious problem when it comes to pollution on our planet as well as a multitude of other global problems such as slave labor and dangerous working conditions....