Holiday Blues

I know what you're thinking.  “Who wants to have holiday blues?”  Trust me, Heart of Haute Fans, these are blues you'll want to have. Baby, it's cold outside!  Who says you have to settle for frumpy to avoid shivering from Jack Frost's wrath?  These dresses are made with a double-knit, poly-blend fabric that can help add a little warmth to a winter party night. Think it's too cold for a shorter skirt?  Doubling up on cream colored tights should do the trick!  Throw on your favorite cream colored boots, and you're ready to take on the winter wonderland.

Marleen Dress in Blue

 Madeline Dress in Blue

Matilda Dress in Blue

For our Heart of Haute fans enjoying warmer weather this holiday season, our lovely Teresa Floral Blue is available in your favorite sun dress styles, and even our a-line skirt.  Headed to a holiday party?  Dress it up with our Fancy Rose in Ivory.

Beverly Dress in Teresa Floral Blue

Sweetie Dress in Teresa Floral Blue

A-line Skirt in Teresa Floral Blue  (shown with Marilyn Top in Slate Blue)

Looking for something classic?  Channel your inner Joan Holloway with a wiggle dress!  Show off your fabulous curves in a stunning Slate Blue.

Vanessa Dress in Slate

 Super Spy Dress in Slate

The best part is that these lighter shades of blue are great colors all winter (and even all year) long!  That means you can show off your new favorite Heart of Haute Dress even after the holidays.  So keep those holiday blues away (the kind we don't want) with your own prettier, and girlier holiday blues.
With Love & No Regrets,
Katrina Heart of Haute Herald Contributor  

Black Friday, Weekend Sale, and Cyber Monday

Hey Heart of Haute Fans. It's Mandie Bee here. So, word on the street is Heart of Haute will be having some incredible deals this holiday weekend. And by street, I mean my office computer...because that's where I come up with this stuff! If you want in on the secret, you've come to the right place.  Friday has you saving 15% on the entire site plus free shipping on orders of $300 or more! Saturday and Sunday? Easy. Check out the HoH Sale Rack via our Facebook page. And Monday is super sweet, too. Spend $100, get $25. I've decided this year to make things very simple. No coupons. That's right. Just shop easy knowing that you'll be saving. No more feeling left out because you don't have the special coupon code. No more "hey, where do I input the coupon? I'm confused!". That's right, my dear Heart of Haute fans. This year, all you got to do is worry about what you'll be sporting for all those upcoming holiday parties and what's on your Christmas list! If you've had your eye on something for yourself, this is the weekend to grab it! ....and if you're hunting for some lovely holiday apparel, may I suggest our Dynasty collection?  These dresses are 100% cotton with a gold metallic print! They shine in just the right light and look fabulous in photographs!                                   Also in this group, the Empress print. A white background with gold metallic print. Our friend, Dinah DeRosa, really rocks the Beverly here!                                                           Heart of Haute is also a great place to find cool gifts for $20 or less!  You may find our selection of Jewelry to be just right for the lady in your life!                                   We also have Mitzi's 2013 Pinup & Hot Rod Calendar for the fellas!                         So whatever your reason, this really is the season to shop with Heart of Haute and save a pretty penny! Happy Thanksgiving, Dolls.  Enjoy the Black Friday, Weekend Sale, and Cyber Monday offer! With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee  

Heart of Haute Herald at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique

Hello Heart of Haute Fans, This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit The Art Walk in Downtown Fullerton.  I found so many great shops, it was a bit overwhelming.  Click on the link below to view my video blog about Heart of Haute's night out on the town in one of my newly favorite shop's Roadkill Ranch & Boutique.     With Love & No Regrets, Alexis Heart of Haute Herald Contributor

Heart of Haute Spotted

Hello Heart of Haute Fans,

I would like to report a Heart of Haute sighting in our very own backyard.  Allow me to introduce Miss Liza.  She is a sample and production cutter, and she is also a pattern maker's assistant.  Liza has worked with Heart of Haute for about four years. Her dream is to own her own Fantasy Tea House.  Half a cup of tea, if you don’t mind Miss Liza. Today Miss Liza is wearing one of our very own Beverly Dresses.  The Dixie print was from our 2011 collection, however we still offer this silhouette in several other beautiful prints.  She has added her own alternative touch to the dress by shortening the hem by five inches, and accessorizing with knee high boots and a cute skull hair clip. Adding your own style can turn a garment into a sensational outfit.  Make it your own and strut your stuff. Thanks Liza, you look great. Signing off, your Heart of HauteHerald.   Alexis