Model Spotlight - Sarah Palmer


You may have noticed a beautiful new face adorning the HoH website and instagram feed lately....  Well she's a blonde bombshell who spends her days portraying every pinup's idol Miss Marilyn Monroe at the very fun Universal Studios Hollywood!  Check out our interview with this lovely lady.

 1. Tell us 5 fun facts about yourself! - I play a dead hollywood icon at Universal Studios, Hollywood! - I'm obsessed with Chipotle - all my friends know to give me a Chipotle gift card for my b-day. - My favorite movie is 'A League of Their Own' and I can quote the whole thing! - I have a weakness for men in nice suits. (like Jimmy Fallon , and Roger Sterling from 'Mad Men') - I have a good sense of humor and love meeting people with one too, most of my friends should be on SNL!

 2. How does vintage inspired fashion make you feel? -Vintage inspried fashion makes me feel unique and classy - you don't find many women dressing like this today, and when I do decide to dress vintage when I go out I will always receive a compliment from a stranger, and not a man but usually a fellow woman! Once I got hired as Marilyn at Universal Studios I had to become familiar with all her movies and any documentation there was on her, and when I was researching I fell in love with the classic old hollywood world of glamour.   Not only did I love Marilyn but I started looking up other famous movie stars from the era and became fascinated with their style and history.  My top girls are Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Anita Ekberg, Hedy Lamar and Rita Hayworth.  These women shaped me, I wanted to look like them, act like them, and I quickly found other people shared the same interests with modern takes on the era.. then I found clothing stores, models & burlesque performers and I just can't get enough!  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love companies like Heart of Haute who are keeping the classic glamourous style and fashion alive!  

3. Have you always been confident in your curves? -Curves, what curves? Haha! In highschool I was flat everywhere and skinny - flat enough to play checkers on. But after going through the awkward stage I found role models with the same body type as me like Gwen Stefani, who I thought were gorgeous!  I took lil bits and pieces of what they dressed like and made it my own.  Plus now I can thank Chipotle for the little butt it gave me - still getting used to that! :p   

4. What are your top 5 favorite Heart of Haute pieces? - Only 5??!

  • I'll start with the Hilda Dress - the little puff sleeves always make my arms look good and my waist look smaller!
  • the Marseilles Dress in Baby Blue Sateen - It makes me feel like Cinderella!  Good for disney-bounding!
  • The Gigi Tee is a very sexy top and I feel a bit like Wanda Woodward from 'CryBaby'- who I adore!
  • Super Spy Dress in Black - it's mysterious, tight-fitting and classic. I feel like scatting while wearing it!
  • My favorite piece is the Diva Suit in Ivory - I have never felt more like Lana Turner in my life. It's great for business yet so well fitted, and comfy!
1940s women's suit in ivory

5. What are your goals for your modeling career?  - I want to continue my modeling career for as long as I can!  I enjoy it too much and the clothes - oh you can never go wrong!  Vintage fashion will always be in style  I like meeting people in this field who've got similar interests and getting to see their individual take on it.
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Do You Know The Roots of Rockabilly Style?

Today, the word rockabilly is thrown around as an adjective to describe everything from wedding decor to hair accessories. Most of us know that the term is based in vintage rock and roll, but how did it come to describe everything from Carl Perkins to cars to cherry print bikinis? The term rockabilly was invented to describe a type of early 1950s American music. A combination of rock and roll, country (or “hillbilly”), western swing, and boogie woogie, this music of the American south was made famous by artists like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Haley. Haley’s “Rocket 88” was one of the first true rockabilly songs recorded, and Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes” was one of the most popular.



Young Americans - and The Rockabilly Invasion of Britain

As with most subcultures, the British took it to an extreme. 1950s British rockabilly fans evolved from the war-toughened Teddy Boys (and girls) in Edwardian-influenced creepers and suits, to the Mod-hating leather-clad Rockers. You may have heard of a few of these British rockabillies - John, Paul, George, and Ringo named their band the Beatles after Buddy Holly’s Crickets. Unlike the motorcycle-loving Rockers, American counter culture Greasers (or “hoods”) paid more attention to cars (and James Dean). Greasers also wore leather jackets, but in tribute to or imitation of the pilot heroes of World War 2. It follows that the Greaser’s girlfriends would also adopt World War 2 styles - in the form of the pin ups that the soldiers loved. The trend faded by the 1960s. In the 1970s, media like Happy Days, American Graffiti, Grease, and Sha Na Na led to a rockabilly revival.  Though much more popular in England, the American rockabilly resurgence produced important bands like the Stray Cats and the Cramps. Rockabilly mixed and mingled with the leopard print, vintage monster movie love, and wild hairstyles of the 1980s punk scene.



The Many Parts of Rockabilly Fashion

As far as fashion goes, rockabilly style is a mix of all of the above; the Teddy Boy’s suits and creepers, the motorcycle gear of the Rockers, and dark jeans and western shirts for authenticity. For women, rockabilly style favors the fashion of the 1950s. Full skirts and big petticoats made from several yards of fabric were popular after wartime rationing had ended. Bold novelty prints like polka dots, gingham, hearts, plaids, and cherries were everywhere. World War 2 (1940s) through 1960s looks can also be found in rockabilly style. Think victory rolls and wedge heels for the former, and beehives and pencil skirts for the latter. Rockabilly may be outside of the mainstream, but it still exists around the world today - and Heart of Haute can help you dress the part! From concerts in small towns, to huge weekend events like Viva Las Vegas, someone somewhere  is still rocking around the clock.  


Rockabilly Style in 2015
April 13, 2015 — Alisa Martineau

Blog Share - Gracefully Vintage

As you may know, we looove our Haute Honeys!  We often hold contests on Instagram and giveaway dresses, tops, accessories all the time!

We also have a 'Haute Honey Of The Month' contest where we draw from submissions in the #HauteHoney hashtag on Instagram and one lucky lady wins a $50 gift card!

But back to our main topic. We held a contest and gave away one of our Marie Dresses in Dutch Blue and our winner was @gracefullyvintage 

Little did we know, she has her own vintage-fashion blog and reviewed her new dress!

vintage inspired blue and white floral dress

And she looks just gorgeous!  This dress is a springtime favorite and will be available in the Dutch Blue pattern while supplies last!

vintage inspired blue and white floral dress

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Are you a Haute Honey?

A Haute Honey is a fashionable babe with an eye for what looks good!  Able to dress her body type to pinup perfection! Have a great shot of yourself in your favorite Heart of Haute frock or separate?  Post 'em on Instagram and use hashtag #HauteHoney and you'll be automatically added to our website's Haute Honey gallery, plus you've got a chance to be featured on our IG! PLUS ~ every month we choose one lucky lady at random to WIN a $50 HoH Gift Certificate! So come on.... tag your selfies!

Hello Giggles Thinks our Super Spy is Dreamy!!!

A flurry of Super Spy dress orders came in today, and while this has been one of our best selling dresses at this time of year, the amount of orders seemed to be a bit more than usual.  We can thank Hello Giggles for that as their fashion blogger, Marie Lordi,  for recognizing a Heart of Haute classic!   This dress is irresistible. Just look at it. You can't say "no" can you? As soon as you get it on your body, YOU will be irresistible. Trust us. It's no wonder this is our #1 best selling dress since 2005. This wiggle dress is simple, yet sophisticated. The material is very forgiving- not too clingy and hugs in all the right places.   click the image below to read the full article... Shop for the Super Spy Dress in a variety of colors and similar styles here

Haute Honey Halloween!

We hope everyone had a lovely, fun and safe Halloween this year!   We just wanted to take a little time and share some of our favorite Haute Honey Halloween Costumes!

The very first is a special one - one of our Heart of Haute employees, Linda Heredia owns her own clothing company - 1138 Clothing. Her line caters to lovers of all fandoms, including fantasy, anime, video games & comic books! She displayed her clothing beautifully in last weekend's Geek Fashion Show at Stan Lee's Comikaze festival! Our favorite outfit was her take on Harry Potter - featuring our Estelle Blouse in White. So cute! Modeled by cosplayer Miss Pirate Savvy

Friday night's #GeekFashionShow at @stanleecomikaze #Comikaze14 #ComikazeExpo #Comikaze

A photo posted by Steven Suwatanapongched (@sunpechphoto) on

Check out Linda's line 1138 Clothing on etsy for all your geeky fashion needs! She takes custom orders!   Our next favorite goes to instagrammer @kara.rexx who dressed up in our Super Spy dress as Lana Kane from the TV show Archer!  #NailedIt

#nailedit A photo posted by Or Jessi-Rene.... Whatevs. (@kara.rexx) on


Another favorite is blogger Amelia Jetson's version of Mary Poppins.  She paired our Betsy Blouse in White with a cute blue pencil skirt!  We love her handmade parrot umbrella too!

How about you, honeys?  It's not too early to start planning for next Halloween!  What do you have in mind? ;) -Alisa for HOH

Fall Flannels & Playful Plaids

Fall flannels by heart of haute are the perfectly cozy and chic additions to your wardrobe that you never knew you needed. Trending fall colors plum and teal!

Retro Back To School Fashion

Retro style back to school fashions by heart of haute, from geektastic chemistry prints to glow in the dark constellations! Heart of Haute has you covered for all of your vintage inspired fall fashion needs.

Taylor Swift's Retro Style - Black, White and Red

Whether you love or hate her music, Taylor Swift has been getting attention with her refined, demure retro style. We have already noticed her bow blouses and sweet florals, and her latest look maintains that vintage vibe with more graphic colors and patterns. Want to steal this look? Heart of Haute can help. Our Vogue pencil skirt has the perfect structured shape, with a high waist and matching belt. Princess seams, a little stretch, and a sexy slit provide a great fit.  Feel free to copy Taylor's black, or mix it up with red. To pair with the skirt, our Gretta top comes in black and white gingham check. For a twist on Taylor's overall vintage silhouette, our 1960s inspired Trixie knit top and pinup ready Beverly dress have the same flattering round, wide neckline that Taylor is wearing - and the Beverly dress also comes in black and white gingham.  Don't forget the subtle nude heels, and the less subtle bold red lip. Match that pop of color to the Pinup Couture bow handbag in red, and you are ready to turn heads at work or out with friends - just watch out for the paparazzi (and that annoying John Mayer). -AllisonV
Retro style with Taylor Swift - Gingham Checks and Pencil Skirts
June 28, 2014 — 1

Wedding Dresses for the Uncommon Bride from Heart of Haute

Vintage wedding dresses are eternally popular - whether it is wearing a family heirloom, or just wanting to emphasize the timeless nature of love. Vintage dresses are one of a kind (just like you), and that is what makes them amazing, but also a problem. There is no range of sizes, and alterations can be impossible. Heart of Haute creates vintage style wedding dresses for uncommon brides in modern fabrics, and sizes ranging from extra small to plus size 3x. We have loads of options for the creative bride who is looking for a memorable retro look, even if you want to keep the tradition of a white or ivory base. All of these remarkable retro wedding dresses are under $200 - cut and made to order right here in Southern California. Classic Retro Bride Style with a Twist: The Milan, Beverly, and Amanda dresses all have classic retro shapes with neckline details that photograph beautifully. The Irene and Irma dresses have bold black trim - easy to accessorize for the bride who wants a daring look. Nautical Wedding Love: Our Sailor Dress has been a part of many adorable nautical themed weddings. Are you getting married on the coast, or are you (or your partner) in the Navy? This sexy and patriotic shape is one of our longest-running styles for many reasons. Mad About Wonderland Weddings: Are you are planning a steampunk or Wonderland themed wedding? Sip tea and sample cakes in the stripes and skeleton keys of our Riveting Gallantry dresses, capes, and corseted skirts. Don't forget the accessories when planning your retro wedding ideas. We have the perfect hair flowers & bows, and even the essential something blue! Visit us on pinterest for even more. -AllisonV P.S. - If you are looking for retro bridesmaid dresses, check out our Bridal Party policies - all designed to make your day gorgeous. Did you know that we can cut bridesmaid dresses in any size, or even in a maternity style to accommodate pregnant bridesmaids? We can even outfit your flower girls!
Retro Wedding Dresses from