Be Still My Heart  20% off  & 15% off all Valentine's Day Collection items

Be Still My Heart 20% off & 15% off all Valentine's Day Collection items

The best thing about Heart prints, while they're obviously very appropriate for February 14,  they can really be worn all year round!  But, no matter how you plan to dress on the Day of La-la-love, we still want to make our fabulous Be Still My Heart  print available at a nice price.  I mean, imagine the looks you'll get at work in that little wiggle skirt and an Estelle Blouse...  


We also have some majorly cute things in our Valentine's Day Collection if you need a babely dress for your hot date  or even just a simple red sweater basic to go with that date-night-dress.   For a VERY limited time, you can take an additional 15% off The entire Valentine's Day collection.  (coupons may not be combined, sorry Honey)


Use Coupon: LOVEYA   now through the end of Friday, February 3rd at 11:59 PM  PST. 



Have a Swell Weekend, Honeys!!!


-Mandie Bee




The Pearl Hotel

I first heard about the Pearl Hotel whilst mingling poolside at Tiki Oasis just last summer. I immediately thought it was the kind of place a girl like me would belong. And so it was! After the Zoo, we found our way over to The Pearl (as mentioned in my previous post). While heading down the road, you might miss it in a blink. This place must have once been an old run down side-of-the-highway motels you see in any  town. However, the Pearl's owner saw its potential as a beautiful new and hip side-of-the-highway mid-century mod inspired hotel! This 25-roomed hideaway is a new favorite and I will definitely return for their summer Dive-in movie! Yes, they have a giant projector screen above the pool, so you can lounge or swim about while watching popular old movies from the past. They also have a hip little lounge where you can play a variety of board games or cards. I have every intention to get in on that action, but we were having too much fun at the bar playing Space Team on our iPhones. Seriously. Space Team is totally geeky, but a lot of fun to play if you have 2-4 friends. Try it! After a solid power nap, Kevin and I spruced up a bit and walked on over to the bar. I wore my favorite stand by and perfect traveling dress, the Nice Dress from the Mandie Bee line. Not only is the food delicious at the Pearl, (and we only ate the veggies) the cocktails are to die for! We have to thank the bartender, Emily, for providing super service and delicious concoctions. She made me a blackberry-something-something lemon drop with honey? She said she made it up as she went. That's cool!  If you're a sucker for tasty craft cocktails like me,  you'll have to at least stop by their bar for a drink. You will not be disappointed. Promise! The rooms are very nice and fresh. The cutest thing about the room itself is the permanent room mate. This was our room mate, Ace. Who knew a beta fish would be good company?! We managed to order too much champagne and fell asleep at an unreasonable hour, but woke up with the security of knowing checkout time was at noon and not something silly like...say, 11. With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee  

Sweets for My Sweet

 The month of Love is upon us and it is time for chocolates, roses, and maybe an edible arrangement.  Whether you are the Creative Cutie or the Last Minute Lover, you can’t go wrong with homemade treats.  I would like to share 3 pretty simple treats that you can make for Valentine’s Day. 

The first treat is Cookies!  All you need for this edible indulgence is
  1. Cookie dough
  2. Some heart shaped cookie cutters
  3. A rolling pin (your hands will do too) 
Oh, and feel free to select any type of cookie dough, chocolate chip, sugar, they are all tasty delights.  Be as creative as you would like when it comes time to decorate, I just added heart shaped chocolate candies to make the delight double the fun.           

  The next sweet snack is Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  There are only two ingredients needed for this goody: 1.  Chocolate 2.  Strawberries You will also need some wax paper; the wax paper will help prevent the chocolate from sticking to the surface.  My suggestion is that when it comes time to purchase the chocolate, buy it with the microwavable container.  You can also buy just the chocolate, and heat it in microwave safe container from home. Melting the chocolate is a bit tricky. You will heat the chocolate for about 3 minutes in total, but be sure to stir the chocolate every 30 seconds.  Once you notice that the chocolate is creamy, it’s time to dip the strawberries.  Do not over-heat the chocolate because it will harden.  Make sure you rinse and dry the strawberries before dipping.  You can dip the strawberries and use a spoon to help even out the chocolate.  Once the strawberry is covered                                    place it on the wax paper.  Refrigerate for an hour or overnight.  If chocolate is not your favorite flavor, you can use white chocolate or mix them both.  A combination of some champagne or sparkling cider (for those that are not of age yet) and chocolate covered strawberries will be delectable.   


The last delicious morsel is a Cupcake.  You will need:
  1. Cake Mix (Pick any flavor your heart desires)
  2. Eggs
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Milk
 I like to use milk instead of water because the cakes are more moist, but either one is fine.  Follow the direction on the box because different brands call for different ingredients, temperature, and baking time.  Cupcakes are perfect portions of love to give to anyone, so be inspired to decorate them with red sprinkles, heart candies, red frosting, and any other Valentine goodness.

These treats are excellent for that special someone or even for friends and family.  The best way to get into the heart of someone you love, is through their stomach.  Who needs cupid when you can make cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and cupcakes? Signing Off, Alexis Your Heart of Haute Contributor