Figuring Out Your Fabulous Figure

Hello Heart of Haute Fans,

Shopping for clothes is one of my favorite activities, but shopping can quickly turn into a frustrating event.  One of three things can happen: 1) I might buy a garment too big,  2) I could buy a garment too small and tell myself I will lose the weight to fit into it, or 3) give up and buy a cookie.  I believe that it is important to know your body type because shopping will become easier, you will have better fitting garments, and shopping can have a happy ending.  There are millions of different body types, each beautiful in their own way, but for purposes of this guide, I will be focusing on five general body types: 1) Miss Hour Glass                                                                                               2) Miss Sweetie Pie  3) Miss Column 4) Miss Apple 5) Miss Pear  I will be taking each body type and listing the different types of garments that will flatter your specific figure.  Along with the recommendations, I will also post looks from our very own Heart of Haute Closet for each body type. 

1)   Miss Hour Glass

2)   Miss Sweetie Pie (Inverted Triangle)

3)   Miss Column

4)   Miss Apple 

5)   Miss Pear  

Not everyone will fit neatly into these categories, but they are good guides to figuring out your figure.  If you are not able to figure out your body type a great website to visit is Channel 4.  The direct link to acquire the information is, .  There is a section called “Style Me” that can help you find your body type.  All you have to do is answer 5 questions and like magic you will figure out your figure. Another great website that can help you style your own figure is Joy of Clothes.  The direct link for styling tips is, .  This website gives so much information about styling your own body type, and the recommendations are very detailed.  I hope my advice will be helpful the next time you go shopping for clothes.  Signing off, your Heart of Haute Herald. Alexis   Thanks to
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