Heart of Haute for the Holidays

Now that November is here, it's time to put away the spooky decorations and to retire this year's Halloween costume (no matter how fabulous you looked as Jackie O.) The first day of November means that the holidays are just around the corner, Heart of Haute fans! Somewhere between finding the perfect gifts for your favorite people and decking the halls with boughs of holly, the hunt begins for a holiday party dress that showcases the snow princess that you are. Sure, you can always just find something at the mall, but who wants to deal with holiday shoppers and long lines any more than necessary just to find something that will end up being “so last year?” 

This year, why not go with a timeless look that you can add your own personal touch to? Don't be fooled by their vintage roots, these styles have managed to find their way back onto the runways for this year's fall/winter season, proving that what goes around truly does come around. Here are a few classic styles that are great for the holiday season and that have stood up to the test of time:

The Shirt Dress Every time I see Betty Draper rock a shirt dress on Mad Men, it makes me wish I could copy and paste her wardrobe into my closet. Not only is this style comfortable enough to let you power through all of your holiday shopping (AND gift wrapping,) choose a vibrant red and you're instantly festive and eye-catching. Just like Rudolph's nose in the fog, you can guide everyone straight to the life of the party (that's you!)  Want this look? Try our very own Monte Carlo Dress in Red.    

The Metallic Dress I'm not exactly sure what it is, but something about metallic fabric is quintessentially winter holiday. Maybe it's the way it catches the light, twinkling like the star at the top of the Christmas tree? Or maybe it's the way it sparkles like snowflakes catching the moonlight? You can glitter like a holiday angel in our Milan Dress in Regency Smoke.                                                 

Regardless of what style captures the spirit of the holidays for you, just remember that you're a Heart of Haute fan, so you know that you're already gorgeous; a pretty dress is just the icing on the delicious gingerbread cookie!


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