Holiday Blues

I know what you're thinking.  “Who wants to have holiday blues?”  Trust me, Heart of Haute Fans, these are blues you'll want to have. Baby, it's cold outside!  Who says you have to settle for frumpy to avoid shivering from Jack Frost's wrath?  These dresses are made with a double-knit, poly-blend fabric that can help add a little warmth to a winter party night. Think it's too cold for a shorter skirt?  Doubling up on cream colored tights should do the trick!  Throw on your favorite cream colored boots, and you're ready to take on the winter wonderland.

Marleen Dress in Blue

 Madeline Dress in Blue

Matilda Dress in Blue

For our Heart of Haute fans enjoying warmer weather this holiday season, our lovely Teresa Floral Blue is available in your favorite sun dress styles, and even our a-line skirt.  Headed to a holiday party?  Dress it up with our Fancy Rose in Ivory.

Beverly Dress in Teresa Floral Blue

Sweetie Dress in Teresa Floral Blue

A-line Skirt in Teresa Floral Blue  (shown with Marilyn Top in Slate Blue)

Looking for something classic?  Channel your inner Joan Holloway with a wiggle dress!  Show off your fabulous curves in a stunning Slate Blue.

Vanessa Dress in Slate

 Super Spy Dress in Slate

The best part is that these lighter shades of blue are great colors all winter (and even all year) long!  That means you can show off your new favorite Heart of Haute Dress even after the holidays.  So keep those holiday blues away (the kind we don't want) with your own prettier, and girlier holiday blues.
With Love & No Regrets,
Katrina Heart of Haute Herald Contributor  
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