Heart of Haute Blog Share- La Chouette Bleue

Hey Heart of Haute Fans, Mandie Bee here. I wanted to share a little something with you all because I thought it was kind of cool. One of our facebook followers, Stephanie Leigh, posted this link in response to our "Freddie's Bikes" print because she featured it in her blog, La Chouette Bleue. This is a personal blog where she shares not only her own thoughts and feelings, but awesome product finds from all over the web. There are some cute things in there!!! While her entry really doesn't have much to do with Heart of Haute alone, I couldn't help but relate to what she had to say. It could be that now, as I approach my 28th birthday, some of what she writes about seems relevant to me. I also dig that she uses Weezer lyrics to express what she means. When I was 16, I played in a band that just started out playing Weezer covers. I've been a die hard Weezer fan since my 'teens and I just don't care what anyone has to say about it! Thank you for reminding me, Stephanie! We're getting older and things change. People fall into routines. Some of us give in and shop at Target. I do it, too. It's easy. Some days I just want to wear a plain tank and yoga pants...and this alone is an expression of who I am on that day. I want to be a chiller and be comfortable. Not that there's anything wrong with shopping at a place like Target, but I often feel guilty knowing that I could be dressing myself in something that literally millions of other people have seen hanging on the rack and may also have in their own closets. I feel I take better care of the garments we make here at Heart of Haute or if I order something from our friends at Pinup Girl (yes, I'm a fan!) and especially my vintage items. All of these things get better treatment in my closet. They are the prime pieces of my fashion persona when it's time to make her known. My own line, Mandie Bee, is a complete expression of my own personal style as well. In Target's defense, the new Prabal Gurung collection is quite interesting to me. It's rad to see a place like Target, the same box store where I buy my shampoo and ankle socks, works with fashion designers to make expression-able fashion more accessible to the masses. I LOVE the colors. Perfect for Spring time! The Prabal Gurung line may be a bit more contemporary, I found  some of the accessories to be a reflection of fashion's past. Like these blossom post earrings are just too cute!                       FASHION is the one way to guarantee self expression. Every day. We wake up and open those closet doors. What will separate us from our neighbor lady? The people we work with? I don't want to be "normal" and I don't ever want to feel like I have to fit in. I want people to notice what I'm wearing, even if it's simple. I want to be different. It's fun to be different. Having a sense of style means having a sense of who you are. What we wear is the quickest way to make an impression on the people around us. It's the best way to grow a sense of the self and this ultimately leads to happiness. It's true!  Now, Miss Stephanie Leigh does not precisely explain what her list of items following her entry are meant to represent, but I can imagine it's a list of things that she would either buy or may already possible own that she feels a connection to. Things that she would adorn herself with and a list of songs to express who she is. Maybe even just to remind herself of who she is and what she loves. These things make her happy and give her a place. I'm only interpreting this in my own way, but I think I get it. And I like it. I appreciate it. I think I ought to share more of this myself. That's all I wanted to share with you, Heart of Haute fans. If you have a blog entry (and I don't even care if it's from months ago), I would be more than happy to share it here on our blog! You can send your links to: Mandie@heartofhaute.com Have an awesome day!   With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee
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