Heart of Haute in the Car Culture Press!

I am honored and proud to know that two of our Heart of Haute models chose some of our pieces to use in photo shoots outside of our company. To my luck and surprise, these garments on ON THE COVER of 2 national car-enthusiast magazines. First, our gal Ludella Hahn, hits the cover of Rat Rod Magazine  in the Jane dress from the Mandie Bee line.  I think the imagery here is a good marriage of color and style. Nice work, Ludella!  (shot by her new hubby, Evan Smith).     Next,  a new face in the scene,  Lucy O' Doll, rocks our Stripey Marilyn top for a classic rockabilly look.  This is her first time winning the cover of a well-known magzine! Way to go, girl!   When I had Lucy come in for our product photo shoot with Mitzi & Co., she admitted it was only her 2nd for-real photo shoot. I'm amazed with all the work she's been producing since we first met her last August. This issue of CK Delux is on the stands now! It's truly amazing to find Heart of Haute wiggling its way into publications like these. If you happen to spot Heart of Haute when you're flipping through you're favorite pinup or hot rod magazine, let us know! We don't always catch it! With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee  
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