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My sister Sara and I share many things; our height, our crazy hair, and a love of bright, non-traditional style. When my sister asked me to be in her wedding party, I knew that I would not have to suffer any awful dresses. As you can see by her engagement photo, she likes to have fun.


Weddings have thankfully become a lot more flexible and personal than they were expected to be in the past. Bridesmaid (and Bridal) style can be more informal, and matching dresses (with those strange dyed shoes -is anyone else old enough to remember those?) are no longer the law. A wedding is a time that you can express your own unique style. Vintage style weddings that borrow elements from past eras are very popular; a great way for you to celebrate you and your partner's interests, or pay tribute to elements of you or your families' past. A retro style that honors a specific era or event such as the 1940s or 1950s is a popular theme, as is general mid century pinup style. Pin up wedding looks are popular as the elements are flattering, classic, and very feminine. Heart of Haute Boss Lady Mandie Bee says that the Milan Dress, the Sweetie Dress, and the Monique Dress tend to be our most popular retro bridesmaid dress choices. The styles are flattering, and the many available colors and patterns make them easy to customize. The Beverly Dress has more coverage with a small sleeve, and also comes in many colors, including mint. Another tip is to look for our more formal textured Lynette fabric- it is a rayon/linen blend with a beautiful drape. All of these dresses are very ready to be worn again and again after the ceremony is over. For a rockabilly wedding look, Mandie says that the black and red Diner Dress is a popular choice, and she remembers one nautical retro wedding that had the bridesmaids in our Sailor Dresses. Casual or not, a wedding is still a unique celebration, and a lot of photos are to be expected. With that in mind, many people still want a unified style, theme, color, or even pattern for their bridal party - even if they are not requesting matching dresses.Check out this adorable - but not exactly matching - bridal party in retro polka dots.


For her wedding, my sister requested that we all wear the bold combination of blue dress and orange shoes - both were our choice with no matching needed. My choice for my sister's wedding is the Stefanie dress in Slate. I like the formal shape with the all day (and all night) comfort of a knit. I can also see myself wearing it again, to work with a jacket, or to dinner any time of the year. The Marseilles dress in Lake is the choice for another one of my sister's bridesmaids. I know that this winter wedding will be gorgeous and full of personality - just like my sister! I can't wait to celebrate the beginning of her life with Matt! -Allison V
Retro Bridesmaid Style
Retro Bridesmaid Style by heartbreaker77 featuring a blue dress

Blue dress





Low wedge shoes

Red jewelry

Flower hair accessory

Orange scarve

Joan David Gardner
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