Halloween Pin Up and Retro Costume ideas with Heart of Haute

Are you looking for the perfect retro Halloween costume? Heart of Haute can help you find the perfect vintage look, whether you want to be sexy, funny, or just classic. You will also end up with a great quality American made piece that you can wear again and again. Lucille Ball was one of America's funniest women. Rather than a generic "I Love Lucy" costume, why not pick one of her most famous moments - grape stomping, Vitameatavegamin sales (try our Librarian Dress). For the chocolate factory scene, team up with a friend - you just need matching Diner dresses, chef hats, and some chocolates to share! Gilligan's Island is another great group costume. Sweet Mary Ann with her country red patterns and sexy Ginger with her animal prints are both great looks. For a very sexy contemporary retro character, you can't beat Joan Holloway/Harris from Mad Men. We have a ton of wiggle dresses and pencil skirts that will help you create that perfect Joan shape. Don't forget your pen necklace and a gold brooch! If you are looking to movies for inspiration, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz are both classics. We have blue gingham dresses in sexier (Sweetie) and more modest/work appropriate  (Beverly) shapes. Don't forget some hair bows for Dorothy's pigtails! The sailor or Navy pinup is always a popular Halloween costume. We have our classic sailor dress, and many other great shapes and styles in different anchor prints. A 1950s waitress or car hop costume is easy to make with our Diner and Betty Lou dresses - just add an apron and roller skates! Our  Super Spy dress comes in many colors and styles, and is a great base for many 19560s costumes. Try a Shag inspired beatnik, a stylish mod scenester, or a jet set space age pinup. Our Doreen dress has a great go-go girl shape and wild atomic patterns. If you do wear any Heart of Haute on Halloween, be sure to send us your photos! -AllisonV  
Retro TV Halloween Costumes
Retro TV Halloween Costumes by heartbreaker77 featuring a chefs hat
Retro Halloween Costumes part 2
Retro Halloween Costumes part 2 by heartbreaker77 featuring a pocket apron
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