New Year....New Name - Welcome to Heart of

Hello my Haute Honeys, This is Mandie Bee with the final update about the recent changes in our company. First, to fill you in in case you didn't know, in October, we received a cease and desist letter from another company with our same name, Heartbreaker. The owners of this company trademarked their name years ago. We were unaware of this other company for several years as we were building our business. Anyone could take a cease and desist letter and yell and scream. One might feel totally crushed or ready to throw in the towel, but we didn't. After looking at every angle, we realized that there was not much we could do to keep our name. This is not a story of any defeat, of course. We will continue to practice our same business ethics, create local jobs, and produce our products locally in California. We are now Heart of Haute.... We place the importance and integrity of our fashion in Haute. To have a Heart of Haute (like having a heart of gold) is to have an eye for fashion and aesthetics. A want and a need to express oneself through the art of fashion. What you chose wear is an instant statement to anyone that happens to see you. It also gives you a sense of self-image, personal style, and confidence. Our mission is to provide quality garments to assist all of our Haute Honeys express their own creative imagination and keep this world lookin' beautiful. No longer breaking any hearts....we've grown out of that phase now, haven't we ladies? Heart of Haute is our company name and will house all of our labels. This now includes: Be Still My Heart, Mandie Bee, Teresa Marie Studio, Riveting Gallantry, and Ava Adorable. Thank you SO MUCH for your loyalty and positive support throughout the years! We truly TRULY do appreciate it. We share your feedback with our employees all the time. 2014 is looking good! Here's to a fabulous new year! Still with Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee   haute ōt/ adjective: haute 1. fashionable or high-class
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