Heart Of Haute has Your Mardi Gras 2014 Outfit

Mardi Gras season is here! Mardi Gras is a festival of indulgence and wild behavior that precedes the Lenten period of abstinence. Lent ends on Easter Sunday, and Mardi Gras is always 47 days before Easter. Mardi Gras came to America in the 17th Century after being a major holiday in Europe since ancient times.  Even if you will not be in Louisiana, parties and parades happen all over America and the world. This is not a time to blend in or be subtle - rock your brightest and best Mardi Gras 2014 dress, wild accessories, and don't forget a mask! Gold, green, and purple are the colors historically associated with Mardi Gras. The meaning behind the colors are justice (purple), faith (green), and power (gold). Heart of Haute has tons of bright options for the perfect Mardi Gras outfit - from retro to modern. Our Amber Rose pattern (in three dresses and a skirt) has a bold floral print featuring purple and gold. The sexy yet genteel Vera wiggle dress will make anyone feel like a southern belle pin up - the purple and green are great choices.  Our Angelica print in Purple features gold metallic details. Peacock feathers abound in Mardi Gras costumes and masks - make it a complete, striking look with any of our Peacock print skirts and dresses. If you will be lucky enough to be on Bourbon Street this year, I advise changing into flat shoes (and even sneakers) for the long walk on uneven and even messy ground. For a stylish hotel in the French Quarter at a good value, try the Hotel Mazarin. Be sure to have a cocktail at the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone, and check out the great shopping and dining on Magazine Street. -AllisonV
Madi Gras Style with Heart of Haute
Madi Gras Style with Heart of Haute by heartofhaute featuring black patent leather shoes
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