Polka Dots for a Pop Art Halloween

With Halloween only a month away, we are already planning loads of costume ideas for the vintage-inspired girl. Heart of Haute has attention-getting retro looks that can pull your costume together, but will still be staples in your closet long after Halloween is over.

Roy Lichtenstein was an American artist who found fame in the 1960s pop art scene. His stark, high contrast paintings captured a typically pedestrian form of visual art - the comic strip. In recent years, inventive makeup artists have brought his flat, graphic images to three dimensional life as a striking halloween costume idea. This memorable look can be created with a few inexpensive makeup products combined with what you might already have. Check out this pinterest board of pop art makeup ideas (for girls and guys), or a tutorial.  An outfit heavy on the polka dots completes this retro costume idea, and we have tons of options.  Whether you need a top, a skirt, or a dress - this pop art costume has a bold vintage look.

polka dot knit top for pop art halloween costume
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