Model Spotlight - Ruby Roxx

Model Spotlight - Ruby Roxx!  rubyalisa3
Meet Ruby Roxx!  A simply stunning internationally published model, who's just so talented and a real sweetie!  Aside from modeling for 7 years, Ruby is also the editor in chief of Beauty Mark Magazine - a brand new body positive publication.  This curvy, Canadian cutie models for many pinup and alternative clothing and lingerie companies, and luckily she modeled a few of our favorite frocks as well! 
Ruby RoxxRuby Roxx in the Milan Dress in Black Sateen - Photographed by Pin-Up Perfection Photography - MUAH Stela Licina
Check out our mini-interview with this lovely lady! -
1. How does vintage-inspired fashion make you feel?
I love vintage and vintage inspired fashion.  I find it so flattering on my figure.  I love the feeling of being laced into a corset or spinning in a circle skirt.  It takes me back to the days of my idols such as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Grace Kelly and even my grandmother who was also a model in the 50's.  Its also not the usual short cocktail dress you see on most girls when they get dressed up, so it makes my outfit unique. 
2. Have you always been confident in your curves?  If not - what changed?
  No!  In high school I was a size 6 or 8 and I always thought I was too fat. However, I was constantly dieting, and not in a healthy way, and generally, quite miserable. I am 5'10 so I would see a number on a scale, that was 30 pounds over my friends who were 5'2, and thought I should be their weight. So therefore, I thought I was reality, that weight was too small for me! I couldn't maintain it without being extremely unhealthy. Everyone is different!  Some people my height and size would have been thrilled back then, and due to different body types and metabolisms, might have been very healthy.  I on the other hand was not.  My confidence was SO low, and I was unhappy.  When I got older, I realized that skinnier doesn't necessarily equal better.  I started eating what I wanted, working out when I could, and trying to live a happier life.  I started modeling, and found a lot of confidence and positivity in my curves.  Now I am a size 12, and I live my life in moderation, happy with my curves, and my life.  
Ruby RoxxRuby Roxx in the Monique Dress in Red Honeycomb Dimensions - Photographed by Pin-Up Perfection Photography - MUAH Stela Licina
3. 5 fun facts about yourself?
-Before I was a model, I was a chef -I LOVE penguins -I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear -I make a mean Mai Tai -I love gardening, although its nearly impossible for me to keep plants alive. 
4. What advice would you give to plus size models trying to break into the industry?
Start by paying a professional photographer in your area to take photos of you.  It may seem expensive at first, paying for wardrobe, photographers, hair and makeup artists etc, but those high quality images will really stand out in your portfolio.  Make a facebook page and market yourself.  I spend hours a day on the computer working on my website and social media and making sure that people know my name and face.  Above all else, be kind, spread love, have fun, and laugh.  What you put out into the world is what you get back. 
Ruby Roxx
Ruby Roxx in the Milan Dress - Photographed by Pin-Up Perfection Photography - MUAH Stela Licina
5. What are your top 5 Heart of Haute dresses or separates? - I LOVE my Monique dress in Peacock Royale.  The cut of the Monique dress is SO flattering and I always get so many compliments on the gorgeous print.  I would love one in the Gold Fleur De Lis print! - The Milan dress is SUCH a flattering cut.  I own it in black and wear it so often.  Its perfect for a business meeting or a dinner date.  And I love that I can switch up the belt to give it a different look.  - My Betty Bolero can be worn with SO much.  Its the perfect addition over any dress, or top.  Great for keeping the cool breeze away, or just covering your shoulders.  - I ADORE the cut of the Carina dress.  That is a definite on my wish list!  I've been really feeling the 60's lately and I love this dress for that!  - I have always loved the look of the Knotty Dress in Spring Argyle.  Its so fun and retro, and the colors just pop!  To narrow it down to 5 was REALLY hard.  Hehe.  I want them all!!!!
Follow her on instagram, Youtube, Model Mayhem, Twitter and Facebook. Ruby RoxxRuby Roxx in the Alisa Dress - Photographed by Hello June Photography
- Alisa for HoH
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