40% off the Heart of Haute Sale Rack! September 1-3, 2017 use coupon: HOH40

40% off the Heart of Haute Sale Rack! September 1-3, 2017 use coupon: HOH40

Quality Control is the department in which we check every single garment to ensure that only 1st quality goods go out to our retailers and individual customers.

We look for loose threads, misprints and flaws in the material. We manufacture hundreds of garments every week, so among those items we get back from production, there is occasionally something that is amiss.....so where do these babies go?  

You got that right...the Heart of Haute Sale Rack!!!


We know every girl loves a good sale, so why not make it worth your while? Every month, we like to blow out the sale rack with a great discount so that you Honeys on a Budget can still add something sweet to your closet without breaking the bank. With prices like these, you can totally get away with 2 or 3 items and not have buyers remorse.  

Like I said, most of these garments have tiny flaws. I made a vow long, long ago never to sell something that was totally unwearable or SO noticeable that someone would be turned off by it.  Things that are unacceptable for re-sale don't make it on the sale rack. If I wouldn't personally wear it, I wont sell it to you. Yes. We have a keen eye and many people LOVE their sale rack finds for the value of them item, even with the minor flaw. Some even say they can't even see why it made it to the rack in the first place!  

Our one-a-month discount has become a shopping ritual for many, we sell through many items very quickly. So you gotta act fast!!!  

And remember, Honey....if you want them 1st quality goods tip-top of the line-brand-new, no-fuss bon-a-fide Heart of Haute with any Heart of Haute Stockist  and on our website. 

Just one more thing....

Shopping with Heart of Haute means you're supporting a small business based in America. California- to be exact!  We employ 10 people- most of whom have been with us for several years! If you love what we do and you like the idea of keeping Americans employed with REAL living wages and with comfortable working conditions, just keep us in mind.  We know there's many options to shop elsewhere. We appreciate you choosing us! 


Much Love,


Mandie Bee


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