Glad About Plaid!

Glad About Plaid!

Ahh yes, the Autumn season is upon us.  

We're in Southern California, so we have a few more weeks of hellish heat, but for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere...I'm sure those leaves are beginning to turn their glorious golden colors and the air is feeling a bit cooler. 

We, as humans, are naturally inspired by our surroundings. We like to wear colors that represent the seasons.  Clearly, spring comes with loads of floral prints. In the fall....Heart of Haute loves to dig into our supply of plaid!!!! Red, gold, beige, grey....

We've made an entire collection featuring all of the plaid items we currently have in the line. 

Lately, the Elsa Blouse in Red Tartan has been a favorite for layering or topping off a pencil skirt. 

We're REALLY excited about the new flannel Haute Circle skirts, though. We are currently offering 2 color ways,  Licorice- a deep black ground with red and beige plaid,  and Congac- a beautiful burgundy ground with beige and gold plaid.


Check out the entire collection: Glad About Plaid!


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