How to Protect Your Community with Heart of Haute Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives around the world - including ours here at Heart of Haute. We want to help keep all of our Honeys (and their loved ones) safe, so we have switched a big portion of our production to creating personal, reusable and washable cotton face masks. We have been getting a lot of questions about our masks, so we created a helpful guide to safe and effective cloth face mask selection and use. 

Are face masks effective against COVID-19?

Yes. Current research indicates that COVID-19 is spread primarily person-to-person through respiratory droplets. These droplets are released from the nose and mouth when people sneeze, cough, and even talk: If you are in close contact with others, you can also come into contact with other people’s droplets. Face masks work as a barrier to prevent those droplets from traveling into the air - and onto other people! 

Are cloth face masks effective against Covid-19?

Research on this is ongoing, but new evidence from clinical and laboratory studies has shown that cloth masks are effective in that they reduce the release of respiratory droplets when worn over your nose and mouth. It’s true that cloth masks will not protect you from COVID-19 as well as a properly fitted N95 mask would, but they do protect others by reducing the transmission of your germs, which helps your entire community. Heart of Haute’s cloth masks are made from two layers of cotton with a third layer of fused interfacing inside.

What are the benefits of purchasing cloth masks?

Having a few reusable cloth masks on-hand has many benefits. Disposable masks are not always easy to purchase due to demand, and you may risk running out or not having a mask available when you need one. Plus, because our high-quality cotton face masks are washable and reusable, they are a more sustainable choice. Finally, Heart of Haute masks are made in the USA by a small family business and come in many fun and stylish patterns and colors. 

What is the difference between accordion and contour style cloth masks?

A: Accordion-style maks are named for their pleated structure with several folds that can be adjusted and expanded, providing a variable fit. Accordion masks are a great choice for people with larger heads, or anyone who wants a fit that can be very customized. 

Our contour masks have a more tailored shape that is not adjustable like an accordion mask. They are highly breathable and have straps that are easily adjustable for different sized heads and faces. Our customers have told us that they can have a less bulky feel than accordion-style masks, and can be comfortably worn even in fast-paced environments like restaurant kitchens. Our contour masks with adjustable metal nose bridge strips are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a more secure fit from their mask. These are also the best face masks for people who wear glasses as the metal nose bridge strip can help reduce glasses fogging. 

We also make masks in sizes (and fun patterns) for children. It’s important that face masks fit securely without major gaps, so make sure that your kids also have masks that fit them well. Overall, your mask size and style preferences will depend on your unique features and activities. Trying a few different styles is the easiest way to find the cloth mask that best fits your needs. 

How many cloth masks should I have?

This will depend on your daily activities, work schedule, and more. You should have a clean face mask to wear daily, or on each outing where you will be indoors with other people around, or will come into contact with others where social distancing may not be possible. It’s also a great idea to keep a spare clean mask in your car or handbag at all times, in case you encounter an unexpected need.  

How do I keep my cloth face mask clean?

Our cloth face masks can be machine washed and dried like any other piece of clothing. The CDC recommends washing all laundry on the highest temperature setting appropriate for the fabric, and drying all items thoroughly. 

How do I handle my face mask safely?

Putting on and taking off your face mask in the correct way is also an important part of infection prevention. When putting on a clean face mask, wash your hands first, and then touch only the elastic ear loops or ties. Avoid touching your face and your mask while out and about. 

After you have worn your cloth face mask on an outing, it’s important to handle it carefully in order to protect yourself as much as possible. Here are five tips for safe face mask removal: 

  1. Wash your hands again, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  2. Do not touch the front of the mask or your face - remove your mask carefully by grabbing only the elastic loops or untying the ties. 
  3. Next, bring the loops or ties together so the mask is folded in half -  with the clean side (the side that was next to your mouth) on the inside.
  4. Carefully drop the mask into a plastic bag. If you have to make another stop, you can take it out of the bag and carefully put it back on.
  5. Clean your hands again.



Heart of Haute’s cotton face masks are an easy, comfortable, sustainable, and American-made way to help make your community a safer place. Our popular designs sell out quickly, so grab your favorites right away. If you have additional questions or would like to make a large custom face mask order, reach out to us today. 


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