Mandie's Picks: 5-Day Wardrobe for a 60's vibe

Heart of Haute has always been inspired by Vintage looks...

...but we always make it accessible for the modern girl by keeping the styling subtle and ready for personal accessorizing. 

My fear- at times- is vintage can begin to look like a costume. For anyone that's been in or seen musical theater productions from the 40's-60' might understand what I mean... I know what I mean. I once snuck onto a production of Damn Yankees and no one knew I wasn't in the cast. TRUE STORY...don't worry, it was a matinee...

...and while fashion from those time periods are fantastic and is the point of focus in our design process,  we still want to look and feel comfortable stepping out in something that has that vintage  appeal without looking like we're leaving to go on set for a show. At least, that's how I feel. 

So, we design with that in mind. Not everyone feels as bold to style themselves completely and true vintage. Some like to take pieces and put their own spin on it. You don't even HAVE to be into vintage to wear our dresses- you can style yourself however you feel!

I pulled together a collection of my top picks for that 60's vibe. Easy going day-wear with that vintage look.  If you  know me, you know my favorite era for music, art, and fashion is the 1960's.   So here are my top picks for a week's worth of style....



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I pulled our new Dominique Dress in the 'Denim' blue polyester.  This dress is fantastic because the design lends itself to a lot of different types of materials. Expect to see more of this dress in the coming years. 

My favorite feature of all? The front pockets.

Mandie Bee Dominique Dress 60's mod looks



Our good old Estelle Blouse in a new White on White tonal Heart Print (just in time for Valentines Day. I'm also wearing our recently new customer favorite, The Cigarette Pant - makes a real cute combo. I like to pair it with the Minty Cutie Cardigan (check the video) but the Estelle makes a great layer for any little sweater you may have. 




I actually can't take credit for this combination.  When we released the new Denise Top, I noticed one of our customers placed an order for this top to go with this Twirl skirt in the Mod Gold Daisy print.  I thought "Oh yes, this person GETS IT!!!"   So I decided to put these pieces together for you to see as well!  Pair with your favorite ballerina flats and you're good to go.  Not to mention, the gold metallic in the skirt print adds some pizzaz  to your outfit. 

Mandie Bee 60's style Denise Top and Mod Daisy Skirt



Our Monique Dress has been a staple in our line of dress bodies for years and I think the new Mod Petals print is perfect in this silhouette.  The Monique is a sweet fit n flare style dress with an Aline skirt and Bateau neckline. I'm a lover of shades of blue and green (teal is my favorite color) , so I've paired it with the Cutie Cardigan in Minty. 

Heart of Haute | Mandie Bee Monique Dress Mod Petals

Heart of Haute | Mandie Bee Cutie Cardigan Minty




The Super Spy dress just feels like it needs to be a Friday dress. We originally made this dress in 2005 and it just doesn't quit... our customers love it. Some buy them in multiples in case they wear out their first one. We will always offer it in black, but word on the street is some fashion colors will be popping up this Spring 2021.....but that's still top secret information ;)

 Heart of Haute | Mandie Bee Super Spy Black

 And just to make it easy for you, I made a collection of everything represented above:

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