New Year, New You!  2018 Resolutions #makeithaute and WIN $75 every month in 2018!!! Heart of Haute

New Year, New You! 2018 Resolutions #makeithaute and WIN $75 every month in 2018!!! Heart of Haute


It's only a few more sleeps before 2018!!! 

Like many, I spend a lot of time reflecting on what happened in the past year and make a plan for what new things I want to accomplish in the coming year. THIS year, I wanted to make a point about self preservation....and what I mean by that is, how you take care of YOU. In this line of business, we care a lot about visual elements.

Obviously, we're a fashion company. 

Fashion can be frivolous.

Fashion can be overly materialistic.

Let's face it, we all need to wear clothing to be socially acceptable - unless you live in a nudist colony- but for the rest of us, we mostly care to wear things that are comfortable and make us feel good about ourselves.

Right? Right. 

As my high school Algebra teacher, Mr. Russel,  used to say "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well."  

And it's worth it to dress yourself well every day.

Going to work. Going to meet with friends.

Heck, even going to the grocery store- you never know who you're going to bump into let me teeeellll yooou!! Breaking hearts in the produce aisle...true story. Anyway!  

That's not to say you can't bum it out in your yoga pants when you're shopping for laundry detergent at Target. I totally do that, too. The point is, wearing a well crafted, unique article of clothing makes me FEEL beautiful. And when I feel beautiful, my emotions feel good...and when I feel good about myself, that tends to carry out into the world around me. Not to mention, the common peoples of the world look at you and think "dang, that girl has interesting style" become a really pretty flower in society that people become intrigued with. Inspired by.

You can do a lot for the world just by putting on a dress. I promise, it works every time. 

We, at Heart of Haute, also believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing WELL.  At our little company, we still stick to our basic principles of operating within America, employing local people, and paying fair wages for physical labor. U.S. Made goods come with a higher price tag because the cost of living is higher, and therefore, we have to pay our employees a living wage. Plain and simple. 

I don't expect our customers to only wear our line and nothing else (though, that would be really cool). Variety is the spice of life, right? So by all means....mix and match all you want! The point is.... to appreciate the craft of dress making and the art of fashion makes you a more cultured person in society. By wearing our garments, we WANT you to feel special. We want you to feel beautiful! We want to help you inspire the people you encounter...simply by being your beautiful, fashionable self. We also want you to be reminded of the people that put their hands into making your clothing. From the vision of the designer, to the execution of the pattern, to cutting, sewing, pressing, and shipping.

There's only 10 of us and YOU are the reason we're all employed.

So. If it's worth it to you to wear an article of clothing that is comfortable, unique, and ethically made, I would like to hold your attention. I realize now, more than ever before, the American Made clothing company is slowly dying. Fast fashion and "disposable dresses" are high in demand. Anything worth buying, is also worth understanding where it came from. 


THIS year, I'm unleashing a new branded hashtag. For those of you that want to participate, we typically use Instagram most as well as our Haute Honey Hideaway facebook group. 

This year, Honey, make it Haute. Make your style stand out. Make yourself feel beautiful and share it with our community of fabulous, drama-free and supportive customers! 

Once a Month, I'll be choosing an entry with the #makeithaute  hashtag on Instagram for a $75 Gift Card!!! Oooohhhh....

....and it's always good form to add #hautehoney and tagging us @heartofhaute so we can find you easily.

Winners will be chosen on the LAST day of the month and announced. Winners are chosen based on the quality and aesthetics of their image. 

You don't have to be a beauty queen, but we challenge you to be creative!  We want to see inspiring, beautiful images!!! I mean...if it's worth taking a photo, make it count.... Make it HAUTE!!!    #makeithaute

We thank you for being a part of our family and supporting us. We'll support you, too, Honey ;)


-Mandie Bee

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