The Summer Dress is for Novelty Print Lovers...

We know that novelty prints are a conversation starter. We will always include something adorbs in our line until the end of time. Especially Cat prints... But in the moment, we are featuring some  real cuties!!! 
We'll satisfy that sweet tooth in this lively Donut Print
Who you callin' a Shady Lady? 
And how about those little retro TV sets? We've got two different prints. 
Retro Console
So, we're aware that North America will be going in to Fall soon....unless you live in Southern California...then, you can practically wear a sundress on Christmas.... But for everyone else that has lovely seasonal changes in the weather. Consider this...
The Summer dress ALSO does very well as a jumper!
We've gone ahead and put together a few ideas that help transition this Summer dress into the fall.  Layers are your friend!!!
Get creative and pair your Summer Dress with an Estelle Blouse, Lily Top, or the Inspiration top. You'll adore how it pops and gives your look a whole new life!
Have fun pairing up your outfits!!
-Mandie Bee
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