Tip of the Day!  -  The Solution to the Slippery Hanger!

Tip of the Day! - The Solution to the Slippery Hanger!

Hey honey! Do you have a dress that is constantly slippin’ and slidin’ off the hanger? Yeah we all do! Our Beverly Dress is beautifully crafted with a round neckline and tied off with a cute self tie but, due to the wider width of the neckline the dress may not always hang perfectly on a hanger. We have solved that problem for all our honey’s by using just one item. This tip is actually how we hang all our Beverly Dresses at Heart of Haute HQ. We actually use rubber bands! Yes, you heard right, rubber bands. It’s so simple that it’s going to have you saying why didn’t I think of this? Don’t you worry honey we’ve got you covered and we’re going to share with you all a step-by-step picture tutorial on how you can take your Beverly Dress from this
to this:
What you will need: a hanger, two rubber bands, and your favorite Beverly Dress.
STEP 1: Take one rubber band and wrap one end of the hanger with the rubber band as many times as you can.
STEP 2: Repeat step 1 and do the same to other side. Your hanger should look like this.
The grip from the rubber bands will come in contact with the dress and that will make sure your dress doesn’t slide off the hanger. Don’t you worry honey your dress will not be harmed while utilizing this technique.
STEP 3: Now all you have to do is hang it up. Your Beverly will be hanging pretty and waiting for the next adventure.
This post was written by Elizabeth Valenzuela -
Heart of Haute Marketing Intern from Cal Poly Pomona
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