Vintage TVs are sexy....New Retro Console Print!
There's a new novelty print in town, and we call is the Retro Console!
Now...there's just something about Retro TV sets that just gets us all nostalgic, right? I mean, TV's just don't look like they used to. We've got all these flat screens that you can mount on the wall like a poster.  But let me tell you....those TV's of the past....THEY HAD REAL CURVES!!!!   ;) 
So maybe technology has come up with a lot of great things over the years, but we're tipping our hat to you, retro TV set. We love you. You probably don't work anymore, but you sure do make for a super cute novelty print. 
And now for a couple of retro babes and Televisions:
Thanks Honeys...This was fun ;)
-Mandie Bee


April 27, 2017