Heart of Haute for the Holidays

Now that November is here, it's time to put away the spooky decorations and to retire this year's Halloween costume (no matter how fabulous you looked as Jackie O.) The first day of November means that the holidays are just around the corner, Heart of Haute fans! Somewhere between finding the perfect gifts for your favorite people and decking the halls with boughs of holly, the hunt begins for a holiday party dress that showcases the snow princess that you are. Sure, you can always just find something at the mall, but who wants to deal with holiday shoppers and long lines any more than necessary just to find something that will end up being “so last year?” 

This year, why not go with a timeless look that you can add your own personal touch to? Don't be fooled by their vintage roots, these styles have managed to find their way back onto the runways for this year's fall/winter season, proving that what goes around truly does come around. Here are a few classic styles that are great for the holiday season and that have stood up to the test of time:

The Shirt Dress Every time I see Betty Draper rock a shirt dress on Mad Men, it makes me wish I could copy and paste her wardrobe into my closet. Not only is this style comfortable enough to let you power through all of your holiday shopping (AND gift wrapping,) choose a vibrant red and you're instantly festive and eye-catching. Just like Rudolph's nose in the fog, you can guide everyone straight to the life of the party (that's you!)  Want this look? Try our very own Monte Carlo Dress in Red.    

The Metallic Dress I'm not exactly sure what it is, but something about metallic fabric is quintessentially winter holiday. Maybe it's the way it catches the light, twinkling like the star at the top of the Christmas tree? Or maybe it's the way it sparkles like snowflakes catching the moonlight? You can glitter like a holiday angel in our Milan Dress in Regency Smoke.                                                 

Regardless of what style captures the spirit of the holidays for you, just remember that you're a Heart of Haute fan, so you know that you're already gorgeous; a pretty dress is just the icing on the delicious gingerbread cookie!


November 02, 2012 — Alisa Martineau

Heart of Haute Spotted

Hello Heart of Haute Fans,

I would like to report a Heart of Haute sighting in our very own backyard.  Allow me to introduce Miss Liza.  She is a sample and production cutter, and she is also a pattern maker's assistant.  Liza has worked with Heart of Haute for about four years. Her dream is to own her own Fantasy Tea House.  Half a cup of tea, if you don’t mind Miss Liza. Today Miss Liza is wearing one of our very own Beverly Dresses.  The Dixie print was from our 2011 collection, however we still offer this silhouette in several other beautiful prints.  She has added her own alternative touch to the dress by shortening the hem by five inches, and accessorizing with knee high boots and a cute skull hair clip. Adding your own style can turn a garment into a sensational outfit.  Make it your own and strut your stuff. Thanks Liza, you look great. Signing off, your Heart of HauteHerald.   Alexis 

Figuring Out Your Fabulous Figure

Hello Heart of Haute Fans,

Shopping for clothes is one of my favorite activities, but shopping can quickly turn into a frustrating event.  One of three things can happen: 1) I might buy a garment too big,  2) I could buy a garment too small and tell myself I will lose the weight to fit into it, or 3) give up and buy a cookie.  I believe that it is important to know your body type because shopping will become easier, you will have better fitting garments, and shopping can have a happy ending.  There are millions of different body types, each beautiful in their own way, but for purposes of this guide, I will be focusing on five general body types: 1) Miss Hour Glass                                                                                               2) Miss Sweetie Pie  3) Miss Column 4) Miss Apple 5) Miss Pear  I will be taking each body type and listing the different types of garments that will flatter your specific figure.  Along with the recommendations, I will also post looks from our very own Heart of Haute Closet for each body type. 

1)   Miss Hour Glass

2)   Miss Sweetie Pie (Inverted Triangle)

3)   Miss Column

4)   Miss Apple 

5)   Miss Pear  

Not everyone will fit neatly into these categories, but they are good guides to figuring out your figure.  If you are not able to figure out your body type a great website to visit is Channel 4.  The direct link to acquire the information is,  http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/style/dress-for-your-body-shape .  There is a section called “Style Me” that can help you find your body type.  All you have to do is answer 5 questions and like magic you will figure out your figure. Another great website that can help you style your own figure is Joy of Clothes.  The direct link for styling tips is, http://www.joyofclothes.com/style-advice/shape-guides/the-lean-column.php .  This website gives so much information about styling your own body type, and the recommendations are very detailed.  I hope my advice will be helpful the next time you go shopping for clothes.  Signing off, your Heart of Haute Herald. Alexis   Thanks to http://www.joyofclothes.com http://www.channel4.com

Saturday, September 29- the PUG Yard Sale

We are so lucky to be included in the Pin Up Girl  Yard Sale  yet again. This will be the 3rd time selling at this event and it is quite....exhilarating!  It is no doubt that Pin Up Girl has done a great deal for the retro/vintage inspired fashion community around the world. They have formed a GREAT following and the attendance at their events is huge! The first time I took Heart of Haute to sell at this event, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't even bring enough merchandise for the whole day! WE NEARLY SOLD OUT OF GOODS! A sea of fashionable ladies anxiously await by the door until the doors open- and then it's shopping madness business time! A bit overwhelming at first, but well worth it if you can make it.  You can always find deals on dresses you've had your eye on for months from both Pinup Girl and Heart of Haute. (I'm a Pin Up Girl Clothing fan myself and we truly do love working with them!) This time around, Audry K will be selling  as well! This time around, Heart of Haute will be providing a huge inventory of new regular priced items, limited edition items that you cannot find anywhere else, and a hefty sale rack of phased out prints, samples, and some irregulars. I make a point to not sell anything that I wouldn't wear myself when it comes to the damaged goods we sometimes get back from production. So even though there is only a pinhead of a spot on a dress, we simply decide it's not worth regular full-price and we pass the savings to you! If you are able to attend, please do! If not, keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for the exclusive Sale Rack- only available on facebook- after the event. Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012     9AM - 2PM 6730 Laurel Canyon Blvd.    North Hollywood, CA   91606   With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee

Are You a Haute Honey?

So what's going on right now? I am on the hunt for as many Heart of Haute customer photos as I can get! We are just about ready to launch our Haute Honey photo album so that you, my lovely loyal customer, can submit and share your pics on our site! Believe me, we love getting photos from customers as well as testimonials.

I ought to mention that when other ladies come and see happy customers in their dresses, it can truly be helpful for them to see how things look on different body types and skin tones. We can also create a time capsule of all the fun prints that have come and gone from the line over the years. Oh, how nostalgic. We sure do miss the Dixie print, don't we?

If you have any photos showin' off your pretty dress, top, or skirt - use #hautehoney on instagram, or please e-mail them to us:  alisa@Heartofhaute.com  

With Love & No Regrets,

Mandie Bee

September 24, 2012 — Amanda Becker

Vintage Fashion in film

The love for vintage may begin for some when they hear a certain song, see a classic film, a classic car or even an old photograph. For me it was certain films I saw when I was a little girl. As cliche as this may be, it began with Grease. I first saw Grease on TV when I was in third grade. I was intrigued; however I can't give Grease all of the credit, I will need to share it with all those classic Mexican films I would watch at my Grandma's house. What little girl didn't want to be a part of the "Pink Ladies" after first seeing the film, or for those of you who also grew up watching Mexican classic films, want to look like a Mexican Starlet. It was something about the clothes, or hair style, of these characters that pulls you in. Lets take a look:

Betty AKA Rizzo

Her signature style screams confidence, independent and carefree. At the beginning when we first meet her she is wearing an all black, tight fitted, mid-calf length pencil skirt and button up blouse. She is not the type of girl to experiment with color or with prints. She keeps it simple, and if she does want to change things up, perhaps she'll throw on a solid color top or adds a splash of color to her wardrobe by wearing colored shoes.

Lastly, how can I not mention her red and black polka dot mermaid dress. It is amazing and it is a statement dress, for sure! I'm still looking for one, but have not had the luck in finding one I like. Model and fellow co-worker, Angie Alamilla says she has found one, but like most vintage its too tiny. Angie refers to it as, "The dress that breaks my heart!" I'm sure we've all had that happen to us before. Time to start waist training!

Marty Maraschino

Her style is easily influenced by all of the Hollywood celebrities of her time, and was, for the most part, trendy. Most of her outfits are also tight fitted like Rizzo. However, this girl is not afraid of color or print and she loves to accessorize. Some of her accessories include hair flowers, head bands, bangles and her gold heart necklace. Her outfit at the drive-in (when Rizzo tells her she think she is pregnant) is a perfect example of how she is not afraid of color or print. She is wearing a scoop neck, purple, knitted top, that is a three quarter inch sleeve with some high wasted Capri pants that are purple and white. If I found a pair of those high waisted Capri's I would sport them. Its all about having fun with your clothes.

This emerald green strapless cocktail dress with the matching hair accessories screams, "Don't let my innocent look fool you boys!" I love her up do, and how well put together she is in this scene.

This is the perfect summer outfit, don't you think, girls? Yellow halter top with white pedal pushers and matching yellow flower in the hair. Her hair is a little to big for me now, but back in the day, I would have died to look like Marty.


There are so many women from La Epoca de Oro (Golden Age of Cinema) that I love, and admire. However, in this particular movie "Dona Diabla" Angela is one classy lady. Her outfits through out the film consist of fancy gowns, off the shoulder dresses and strapless dresses. The accessories are hats, fur shall and hoop earrings. It was hard to find pictures for this movie, but I did find the full film on line. Here it is if any of you are interested in seeing her outfits:


Lets not forget about her hair. The hair style through out this film is perfection. If your hair is long this would be a perfect example on how your still able to achieve that certain look. I know that sometimes it gets hard for me now, once my hair starts to grow past a certain length.

When your young your so easily influenced, but I'm just glad that it was the 40s and 50s era that caught my attention.

Heart of Haute fans, what triggered your love for vintage?