Materials here are a selection of Prints we have available in house right now, but are likely not represented on our website. These are fabrics we have not yet produced! So until we cut these, you can request just about anything. Each print has some recommendations based on their fiber content and scale of print.

We also stock basic solid colors: Black, White, Red, and Navy. If you're looking for something specific, please submit to our product request form and we will see what we can do for you!


Dressmaker's Pins, Ivory

100% Cotton

Limited Yardage. Enough Material for 1 blouse left.

We Recommend:

The Betsy Blouse, The Ella Blouse, The Estelle Blouse

Tiny Cherry

100% Cotton

Suitable for Blouses. Limited yardage- enough material left for 1 more blouse.

We Recommend:

The Estelle Blouse, The Betsy Blouse

Madras Stripe, Blue

100% Cotton  

Suitable for Dresses and Skirts.

This is a linear print, so some designs are limited because of the print.

We Recommend: 

The Maybeline Dress, The Monique Dress, The Shirtdress

The Artisan Skirt

The Ella Blouse, The Betsy Blouse

Teal Bandana

100% Rayon

Suitable for Wrap Dresses and a few select Dress styles

We Recommend:

The Jenni, The Marie, The Rachel, The Rita, The Rayleine, The Rhea

Blue Wave

100% Cotton Canvas  | Shift Dresses,  Skirts

We Recommend: 

The Carina Dress, The Caroline Dress, The Dominique Dress, The Doreen Dress

The A-line Skirt

The Coco Mini Skirt


100% Cotton

Suitable for Dresses and Skirts

We Recommend:

The Amanda Dress, The Marie Dress, The Monique Dress

The A-line Skirt, The Twirl Skirt

Rose Doilie, Aqua

100% Cotton

Suitable for Dresses and Skirts

We Recommend:

The Marie Dress, The Monique Dress, The Sarah Dress, The Sadie Dress

The A-line Skirt, The Twirl Skirt, The Circle Skirt

Cotton Stretch Sateens

Cotton/Spandex blend

4 color options

Suitable for Wiggle Dresses and Skirts

We Recommend:

The Carina Dress, The Caroline Dress, The Dominique Dress, The Vanessa Dress

The Coco Mini Skirt, The Pencil Skirt, The Vogue Skirt