Creative Contribution

Do you love writing? Maybe you have a really great eye for photography and color stories... 

Have you dreamed about blogging, but found the time commitment to be overhwleming?

Well, THIS is your opportunity to be creative and contribute to the Heart of Haute community! And if you are pursuing writing as part of your career, this would even be a nice way to add to your own portfolio.

Heart of Haute is asking our Honeys to contribute to our blog in trade for store credit.  

Blog entries can be reviews on our garments, relative information about the vintage fashion or pinup world, vintage hair tips, vintage fashion in modern day, etc... 

You're more than welcome to propose topics that you think may be worth a good read, too!  and SEO capability is a plus.  

Care to contribute? Submit your proposed entry...what do you want to write about? Once approved, we ask that you submit your entry within 1 week so we can proof read and make sure it's ready for posting.  Please include quality photos- try to avoid mirror selfies and low lighting.  If writing on other topics, please include references if you borrow information from other places on the internet. As soon as everything is complete, we will issue you a store credit for your time.