Heart of Haute Philosophy

Our Philosophy


We at Heart of Haute believe in the Art of Dress: Fashion as a form of expression.


We believe that the way you choose to present yourself has a direct effect not only on you, but the world around you.


Just as a work of art can affect millions, so can you be a work of living art.  

 We believe the way you dress is a reflection of how you feel! Conversely, we also believe the art of the dress can inspire a better sense of well-being...

You have a choice every single morning when you get dressed for your day.

Open your closet door and look at the palette before you:


Who are you today?

How do you want to be identified?

How do you want to feel?


Honey, you too, are a work of art. 

We are honored and enthused to encase your beautiful soul with the most attractive and quality textiles we can source. 


Our Mission: to make the world a more beautiful place, one dress at a time...

...care to join us?


Just one more thing....

Shopping with Heart of Haute means you're supporting a small business based in America. California- to be exact!  

We employ 10 people- most of whom have been with us for several years!

If you love what we do and you like the idea of keeping Americans employed with REAL living wages and with comfortable working conditions, just keep us in mind, Honey.

 We know there's many options to shop elsewhere. We appreciate you choosing us!