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Heart of Haute's Made to Order Section....and how it works

Posted on December 16 2017

Hey Ya'll! It's Mandie Bee here to tell you about some changes going on around here!

 If you recall, we used to make our Made to Order section a collection of items you could potentially order.... And while it's great to know we can custom cut items in the event that your size is out,  it was becoming a logistical nightmare for us.  

AND SO....We have a handy-dandy ordering form so you can basically ask for almost anything on our site!

Our inventory changes on a daily basis. Yes, we've been in business for 12 years, but we are still a SMALL business with limits on our production rate as well as storage facility. If we could keep multiple sizes of everything in stock at all times....we would. But we can't. 

So instead we allow YOU to place orders on the things you love- even when they're not officially "in stock".  We have an in-house cutter (Thanks, Liza!)  and 2 in-house sewers  (Thanks, Irma and Irene!) and these ladies are responsible for your items getting made!

Heart of Haute Made to Order

Let's say you're shopping on the site. You see a blouse you just gotta have, but DRAT-  your size isn't available? It's cool, girl.... now you can make a request for that specific item to be made in your size! 

 But How???  On EVERY product page, there is a link that reads "If we don't have your size"....a pop up will appear with a form for you to send your order request. You can also go to the Made to Order page and  submit your request. We will get back to you  ASAP with a "Yes! We can do this for you!"  and follow with a invoice....or we might say "Sorry, we are out of materials!" 

heart of haute made to order

We'll answer within 48 hours (but typically faster than that) during our regular business hours, that's Monday-Friday  9am-5pm if you ask for something on Friday night, you may not hear back from us until Monday morning. ;)  

PLEASE Coupons are not applicable on custom orders... Why? Because we have to make a single item for you. Which takes Liza time to hand cut and Irma to sew and Linda to press and tag it and pack it and then we gotta ship it and make sure everything is perfect!!! Because we love our customers and we care to do a good job.  Which is a lot more time and effort than pulling items that are already hanging on the rack. 

And we DO offer custom measurements, but this requires a special hand cutting fee because we have to alter the pattern for you.  In this case, custom garments are non-returnable/non-exchangeable...because it was made to fit YOU....and if you decide you don't like it, well we can't re-sell it if you want to return it. So just be certain you measure properly.

So...I know that was a lot of information, I know, but hopefully you will find the Made to Order form totally useful!  I don't really get kind of service anywhere else. Here at Heart of Haute, we really do care about the products we produce. We take care of our customers and even better care of our employees.

We know there's other brands and shops to find your pretty dresses --- We are so very happy and honored in knowing you choose to shop with us! 


-Mandie Bee



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  • Teresa Becker: December 22, 2017

    Since we believe that sustainability is the new black, we keep our inventory at modest levels. We will happily make more, but want to avoid producing more than is needed = keeping it green and real.

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