Spy Time  - The Super Spy Dress and Spy Top by Heart of Haute

Spy Time - The Super Spy Dress and Spy Top by Heart of Haute

It's the Super Spy Dress.....we make it every year....

Ever since Bernie Dexter graced the internet with this iconic image, there have been several attempts to re-create this classic silhouette, however...the OG Heart of Haute Super Spy dress is STILL selling out to boutiques and Haute Honeys around the globe. The dress that just wont quit.  It's a dress that many of our customers re-buy when their original (or even second purchase)  becomes worn out.  I have one girl that buys a new Super Spy every year. No really. I think she has 10 of them by now.


  As an encore to this LBD, we also created the Spy Top. Same material, same great line- but more versatile for those that prefer the top & skirt life.


xoxo -Mandie Bee
September 11, 2017 — Amanda Becker
Glad About Plaid!

Glad About Plaid!

Ahh yes, the Autumn season is upon us.  

We're in Southern California, so we have a few more weeks of hellish heat, but for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere...I'm sure those leaves are beginning to turn their glorious golden colors and the air is feeling a bit cooler. 

We, as humans, are naturally inspired by our surroundings. We like to wear colors that represent the seasons.  Clearly, spring comes with loads of floral prints. In the fall....Heart of Haute loves to dig into our supply of plaid!!!! Red, gold, beige, grey....

We've made an entire collection featuring all of the plaid items we currently have in the line. 

Lately, the Elsa Blouse in Red Tartan has been a favorite for layering or topping off a pencil skirt. 

We're REALLY excited about the new flannel Haute Circle skirts, though. We are currently offering 2 color ways,  Licorice- a deep black ground with red and beige plaid,  and Congac- a beautiful burgundy ground with beige and gold plaid.


Check out the entire collection: Glad About Plaid!


September 06, 2017 — Amanda Becker
Souther California Belle - Review of the Rayleine Dress in Rose Noir

Souther California Belle - Review of the Rayleine Dress in Rose Noir

It took no-time for Ashley A.K.A. the Southern California Belle to woo the hearts of many!

She certainly stole ours and we're glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with her and adorn her with our garments!


Today, we'll be talking about the new and sensational Rayleine wrap dress in print,  'Rose Noir'....Southern California Belle for Heart of Haute | Rayleine Dress in Rayon print Rose Noir

We don't typically use Rayons, but we are SURE glad we found this. With a black-as-night ground and those beautiful pink two-tone roses, this print is just a stunner in person as it is in the images. 

It's a fabulous, light weight quality material that flows and hangs like a dream. No, really, you're going to LOVE this dress! 

And yes, it is a true wrap dress. Every woman on the planet knows a wrap dress is sort of like a magical garment that fits perfect on just about every body shape. 

We've added classic 40's inspired touches to this design with a puffed sleeve and gathers above the bust. 

Southern California Belle | Heart of Haute Rayleine Dress in Rose Noir

We've already sold out of this material once already. It's currently available for cut-to-order (Yes, we make it JUST FOR YOU!!!)  so if you MUST have this incredible piece in your life this season, I suggest you get your order in before it's gone again. 

You'll also be glad to see the price is under $100. For a quality Made-in-America dress, that's pretty fantastic <3


You can read Ashley's review about this dress here

follow her on facebook here

and intsagram here


-Mandie Bee


The Rayleine Dress in 'Rose Noir' is available as made-to-order <3  


September 05, 2017 — Amanda Becker
40% off the Heart of Haute Sale Rack! September 1-3, 2017 use coupon: HOH40

40% off the Heart of Haute Sale Rack! September 1-3, 2017 use coupon: HOH40

Quality Control is the department in which we check every single garment to ensure that only 1st quality goods go out to our retailers and individual customers.

We look for loose threads, misprints and flaws in the material. We manufacture hundreds of garments every week, so among those items we get back from production, there is occasionally something that is amiss.....so where do these babies go?  

You got that right...the Heart of Haute Sale Rack!!!


We know every girl loves a good sale, so why not make it worth your while? Every month, we like to blow out the sale rack with a great discount so that you Honeys on a Budget can still add something sweet to your closet without breaking the bank. With prices like these, you can totally get away with 2 or 3 items and not have buyers remorse.  

Like I said, most of these garments have tiny flaws. I made a vow long, long ago never to sell something that was totally unwearable or SO noticeable that someone would be turned off by it.  Things that are unacceptable for re-sale don't make it on the sale rack. If I wouldn't personally wear it, I wont sell it to you. Yes. We have a keen eye and many people LOVE their sale rack finds for the value of them item, even with the minor flaw. Some even say they can't even see why it made it to the rack in the first place!  

Our one-a-month discount has become a shopping ritual for many, we sell through many items very quickly. So you gotta act fast!!!  

And remember, Honey....if you want them 1st quality goods tip-top of the line-brand-new, no-fuss bon-a-fide Heart of Haute with any Heart of Haute Stockist  and on our website. 

Just one more thing....

Shopping with Heart of Haute means you're supporting a small business based in America. California- to be exact!  We employ 10 people- most of whom have been with us for several years! If you love what we do and you like the idea of keeping Americans employed with REAL living wages and with comfortable working conditions, just keep us in mind.  We know there's many options to shop elsewhere. We appreciate you choosing us! 


Much Love,


Mandie Bee


September 01, 2017 — Amanda Becker

The Summer Dress is for Novelty Print Lovers...

We know that novelty prints are a conversation starter. We will always include something adorbs in our line until the end of time. Especially Cat prints... But in the moment, we are featuring some  real cuties!!! 
We'll satisfy that sweet tooth in this lively Donut Print
Who you callin' a Shady Lady? 
And how about those little retro TV sets? We've got two different prints. 
So, we're aware that North America will be going in to Fall soon....unless you live in Southern California...then, you can practically wear a sundress on Christmas.... But for everyone else that has lovely seasonal changes in the weather. Consider this...
The Summer dress ALSO does very well as a jumper!
We've gone ahead and put together a few ideas that help transition this Summer dress into the fall.  Layers are your friend!!!
Get creative and pair your Summer Dress with an Estelle Blouse, Lily Top, or the Inspiration top. You'll adore how it pops and gives your look a whole new life!
Have fun pairing up your outfits!!
-Mandie Bee
August 25, 2017 — Amanda Becker
Teer Wayde does Lumberjack Chic

Teer Wayde does Lumberjack Chic

Teer Wayde has been a dear to us for years. We love to include her in our Haute Honey community. We love it even more when she gets creative with our garments!

Behold! Teer Wayde, the Lumberjack's Wife. 

scythe and all....

May we add...it's not always easy to mix prints! 


Teer is wearing:

The Elsa Blouse in Tartan Red

The Haute Circle Skirt in Red Buffalo Plaid

Read Teer's Full Review here


August 03, 2017 — Amanda Becker
15% off Sitewide at Heart of Haute! July 10 & 11 only

15% off Sitewide at Heart of Haute! July 10 & 11 only

That's right! Heart of Haute got wind of this Amazon Prime day. Some of you are die hard Amazon shoppers- and that's okay....but for those of you looking for a deal on our garments, you wont find them on Amazon. So we'll hook it up!


Today and Tomorrow, that's July 10 and 11 of 2017, we are offering 15% on our ENTIRE site when you use coupon : Prime 15


Happy Shoppin' Honeys


<3Mandie Bee

Soooo What's up with this...Made to Order Section?

Soooo What's up with this...Made to Order Section?

No, there's no secret handshake to this process. No special knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, baby.  You can buy me a drink if you wanna, but I'll still give you this tip for free, Honey ;) 

YES! Instead of keeping it a secret, we're opening up the opportunity in a way that we can manage - for now, we will see how this works out. So far, so good!  And I am trying to figure a way to make this experience easy for YOU as well. Because...we love you. Duh!


It's true, we've offered a custom service in the past to those that ask for it. However, most of those conversations with our regular custom Honey were behind closed doors....or...private messages on Facebook, I should say. Maybe  they want a different color they like THIS print but in THAT dress. Oh girl, we can totally make that happen.

So... Heart of Haute IS a design and manufacturing house. We have the ability to do a lot under one roof. I mean, when we say everything is made in California, it's true!

From the point of making pattern, to cutting, sewing, and finishing....we do it all, Honey.  We even have some of our materials printed in Los Angeles, making OUR items even more exclusive in the world. I mean, doesn't it feel great to know that you own something that maybe 100 other women on the planet own?

In some cases, we offer items that are even MORE exclusive, like that gorgeous Black Monte Carlo dress I posted about last week... there's only 3 of those in the world. Can you believe that? and there's one more left... Better hurry before I get back to the warehouse, ya'll.  

We'll be working on this service on our site this summer to ensure a smooth and positive shopping experience for you, Honey. In the meantime, should you order from this 'Made to Order' section, you can be sure that YOUR garment is actually, really, truly being cut and sewn just for you!

So Long!

-Mandie Bee




May 01, 2017 — Amanda Becker
Vintage TVs are sexy....New Retro Console Print!

Vintage TVs are sexy....New Retro Console Print!

There's a new novelty print in town, and we call is the Retro Console!
Now...there's just something about Retro TV sets that just gets us all nostalgic, right? I mean, TV's just don't look like they used to. We've got all these flat screens that you can mount on the wall like a poster.  But let me tell you....those TV's of the past....THEY HAD REAL CURVES!!!!   ;) 
So maybe technology has come up with a lot of great things over the years, but we're tipping our hat to you, retro TV set. We love you. You probably don't work anymore, but you sure do make for a super cute novelty print. 
And now for a couple of retro babes and Televisions:
Thanks Honeys...This was fun ;)
-Mandie Bee


April 27, 2017 — Amanda Becker
Shop Heart of Haute at the Dapper Day Expo!!

Shop Heart of Haute at the Dapper Day Expo!!

We LOVE Dapper Day!  We'll be proudly exhibiting at the Dapper Day Expo for the 5th time next weekend!  The Expo is FREE to the public and there are tons of vintage inspired and true vintage vendors!  


• DAPPER DAY EXPO Sat+Sun, April 22+23, Free, Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall

Early Bird Entry Sat 10-12, $25 (Tickets available here). Free Expo entry, Sat 12-7, Sun 10-7

EXPO STAGE: Dance to live performances by ICY HOT CLUB (Sat, 2 & 5p), and BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS (Sun,1 & 5p) with dance lesson and presentation by ATOMIC BALLROOM before each set.

CHARLES PHOENIX Tiki Mug Signing and Meet & Greet, Sat 3-5p, near Expo Stage.

INVITE FRIENDS at our California Facebook Event Page HERE

April 14, 2017 — Alisa Martineau