Viva Las Vegas: Angie Alamilla's Style Guide

Viva Las Vegas. Swing Dancers, Rockabilly and Vintage Enthusiasts flock by the thousands from all over the world each year to make it to this massive event!  It's like a subcultural adult prom that occurs every year.

I've been going with Heart of Haute to vend since 2006. One of our employees, Angie Alamilla, looks forward to Viva every year! In fact, Angie has created a basic style guide for the Viva-goer.  A car-show look, a casual day-look and an evening-look.

While there are TONS of events going on at Viva, one of my favorite things is to see what other girls are wearing.  I especially love walking around and spotting all the Heart of Haute out there, too!

We will have all of these items available for sale at the car show!

(with the exception of the Marsielles dress).

The Car Show look:

  Tres Noir "Ultra Lux"  Sunglasses 

The Sweetie Dress   This print will be exclusively sold at Viva Las Vegas and not on our website!

The Casual-Day look:

The Ellie Top in Mustard

and the Vogue Pencil Skirt in Black

The Evening Look:

The Marseilles Dress from Heart of Haute

See ya in Vegas!

 With Love & No Regrets,

Mandie Bee


Hello Heart of Haute Fans!

This is your bumbly blogger, Mandie Bee, with news for you!

If you haven't heard the news, we're having a month-long promotion for March.  I call it, March Maven Madness, because I know you are all so-very smart ladies and to pass up a deal like this would be silly. Not only is everyone  entered in a wonderful contest, you also win a little something. I offer a 10% discount when you enter!  Put in 'IWANNAWIN' in the coupon box in your cart.

Enjoy the month of savings!!! 3 Lucky winners will have some great prizes popping up in their mail boxes come April. Who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? Especially when it's from Heart of Haute.

With Love & No Regrets,

Mandie Bee

Sweets for My Sweet

 The month of Love is upon us and it is time for chocolates, roses, and maybe an edible arrangement.  Whether you are the Creative Cutie or the Last Minute Lover, you can’t go wrong with homemade treats.  I would like to share 3 pretty simple treats that you can make for Valentine’s Day. 

The first treat is Cookies!  All you need for this edible indulgence is
  1. Cookie dough
  2. Some heart shaped cookie cutters
  3. A rolling pin (your hands will do too) 
Oh, and feel free to select any type of cookie dough, chocolate chip, sugar, they are all tasty delights.  Be as creative as you would like when it comes time to decorate, I just added heart shaped chocolate candies to make the delight double the fun.           

  The next sweet snack is Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  There are only two ingredients needed for this goody: 1.  Chocolate 2.  Strawberries You will also need some wax paper; the wax paper will help prevent the chocolate from sticking to the surface.  My suggestion is that when it comes time to purchase the chocolate, buy it with the microwavable container.  You can also buy just the chocolate, and heat it in microwave safe container from home. Melting the chocolate is a bit tricky. You will heat the chocolate for about 3 minutes in total, but be sure to stir the chocolate every 30 seconds.  Once you notice that the chocolate is creamy, it’s time to dip the strawberries.  Do not over-heat the chocolate because it will harden.  Make sure you rinse and dry the strawberries before dipping.  You can dip the strawberries and use a spoon to help even out the chocolate.  Once the strawberry is covered                                    place it on the wax paper.  Refrigerate for an hour or overnight.  If chocolate is not your favorite flavor, you can use white chocolate or mix them both.  A combination of some champagne or sparkling cider (for those that are not of age yet) and chocolate covered strawberries will be delectable.   


The last delicious morsel is a Cupcake.  You will need:
  1. Cake Mix (Pick any flavor your heart desires)
  2. Eggs
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Milk
 I like to use milk instead of water because the cakes are more moist, but either one is fine.  Follow the direction on the box because different brands call for different ingredients, temperature, and baking time.  Cupcakes are perfect portions of love to give to anyone, so be inspired to decorate them with red sprinkles, heart candies, red frosting, and any other Valentine goodness.

These treats are excellent for that special someone or even for friends and family.  The best way to get into the heart of someone you love, is through their stomach.  Who needs cupid when you can make cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and cupcakes? Signing Off, Alexis Your Heart of Haute Contributor 

Cheers to a New Year!!

The New Year is abound Heart of Haute Fans, which means the holiday festivities are still in full swing!   Whether you are hosting or attending parties this year, Heart of Haute is here to help you channel your inner domestic diva.  From the perfect dress to the perfect dessert, read on for more!           

  As the year comes to an end, the holidays are our last excuse to indulge in that extra slice of cake.  We love our sweets here at Heart of Haute, especially chocolate—after all, who doesn’t love chocolate?!  In light of this holiday treat, I give you the ultimate chocolate ganache cake from one of our favorite baking websites, Bakerella. The chocolate cake layers are rich and moist, frosted in chocolate chip loaded buttercream for extra bite and topped with a smooth, creamy chocolate ganache.  It’s decadently delicious and just the thing to whip up for your post holiday or New Year’s shin dig.  For the full recipe, visit: Bakerella's Just a Cake Recipe                       

Since you never need an excuse to be stylish, you can bake up a storm with one of our lovely Diner Dresses.  We offer this item in olive, black, red and polka dot and with all fabrics in stock, you’ll be ready to heat things up in the kitchen in no time!           

 And what’s a New Year’s Eve Party without cocktails?  Try something different and unexpected from the traditional champagne this year with fruit and Prosecco cocktails from  They are fruity, fresh, and make a fabulously colorful presentation.  For instructions to whip up these cocktails, visit: Fruit and Prosecco Cocktails Recipes.                  

Want to get creative?  Deck out your cocktail table with clocks and twinkling lights!  You can find more tips like this from Reader’s Digest.  Visit: Plan an Easy New Year's Eve Cocktail Party   Let’s not forget the most important necessity for New Year’s Eve—the dress!  If an intimate gathering at home is your plan, try Heart of Haute’s very own Super Spy Dress.   It’s classic design and comfortably flattering fit has made it one of our top selling items every year.  Whether you go sassy in Burgundy, sleek in Navy, fresh in Slate Blue, or classic in Black, with the right accessories, you’ll find there’s nothing this versatile dress can’t do!

If fancy is more your flair, try something from our Teresa Marie Collection.  The lace and satin Juliet and Antoinette Dresses will surely be showstoppers.  Whatever your party plans are Heart of Haute fan, may you welcome 2013 in fabulous Heart of Haute Fashion!    


Black Friday, Weekend Sale, and Cyber Monday

Hey Heart of Haute Fans. It's Mandie Bee here. So, word on the street is Heart of Haute will be having some incredible deals this holiday weekend. And by street, I mean my office computer...because that's where I come up with this stuff! If you want in on the secret, you've come to the right place.  Friday has you saving 15% on the entire site plus free shipping on orders of $300 or more! Saturday and Sunday? Easy. Check out the HoH Sale Rack via our Facebook page. And Monday is super sweet, too. Spend $100, get $25. I've decided this year to make things very simple. No coupons. That's right. Just shop easy knowing that you'll be saving. No more feeling left out because you don't have the special coupon code. No more "hey, where do I input the coupon? I'm confused!". That's right, my dear Heart of Haute fans. This year, all you got to do is worry about what you'll be sporting for all those upcoming holiday parties and what's on your Christmas list! If you've had your eye on something for yourself, this is the weekend to grab it! ....and if you're hunting for some lovely holiday apparel, may I suggest our Dynasty collection?  These dresses are 100% cotton with a gold metallic print! They shine in just the right light and look fabulous in photographs!                                   Also in this group, the Empress print. A white background with gold metallic print. Our friend, Dinah DeRosa, really rocks the Beverly here!                                                           Heart of Haute is also a great place to find cool gifts for $20 or less!  You may find our selection of Jewelry to be just right for the lady in your life!                                   We also have Mitzi's 2013 Pinup & Hot Rod Calendar for the fellas!                         So whatever your reason, this really is the season to shop with Heart of Haute and save a pretty penny! Happy Thanksgiving, Dolls.  Enjoy the Black Friday, Weekend Sale, and Cyber Monday offer! With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee  

Saturday, September 29- the PUG Yard Sale

We are so lucky to be included in the Pin Up Girl  Yard Sale  yet again. This will be the 3rd time selling at this event and it is quite....exhilarating!  It is no doubt that Pin Up Girl has done a great deal for the retro/vintage inspired fashion community around the world. They have formed a GREAT following and the attendance at their events is huge! The first time I took Heart of Haute to sell at this event, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't even bring enough merchandise for the whole day! WE NEARLY SOLD OUT OF GOODS! A sea of fashionable ladies anxiously await by the door until the doors open- and then it's shopping madness business time! A bit overwhelming at first, but well worth it if you can make it.  You can always find deals on dresses you've had your eye on for months from both Pinup Girl and Heart of Haute. (I'm a Pin Up Girl Clothing fan myself and we truly do love working with them!) This time around, Audry K will be selling  as well! This time around, Heart of Haute will be providing a huge inventory of new regular priced items, limited edition items that you cannot find anywhere else, and a hefty sale rack of phased out prints, samples, and some irregulars. I make a point to not sell anything that I wouldn't wear myself when it comes to the damaged goods we sometimes get back from production. So even though there is only a pinhead of a spot on a dress, we simply decide it's not worth regular full-price and we pass the savings to you! If you are able to attend, please do! If not, keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for the exclusive Sale Rack- only available on facebook- after the event. Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012     9AM - 2PM 6730 Laurel Canyon Blvd.    North Hollywood, CA   91606   With Love & No Regrets, Mandie Bee

Are You a Haute Honey?

So what's going on right now? I am on the hunt for as many Heart of Haute customer photos as I can get! We are just about ready to launch our Haute Honey photo album so that you, my lovely loyal customer, can submit and share your pics on our site! Believe me, we love getting photos from customers as well as testimonials.

I ought to mention that when other ladies come and see happy customers in their dresses, it can truly be helpful for them to see how things look on different body types and skin tones. We can also create a time capsule of all the fun prints that have come and gone from the line over the years. Oh, how nostalgic. We sure do miss the Dixie print, don't we?

If you have any photos showin' off your pretty dress, top, or skirt - use #hautehoney on instagram, or please e-mail them to us:  

With Love & No Regrets,

Mandie Bee

September 24, 2012 — Amanda Becker